Should I Replace All Windows at Once? Making the Most of Your Install

Should I Replace All Windows at Once? Making the Most of Your Install

You may be asking yourself, should I replace all windows at once? The answer is complicated. Replacing your windows all at once depends on your budget, the state of your windows, and the structure of your home.

Can I Replace All Windows At Once

As mentioned before, replacing your windows all at once is not always the best option for the structure or age of your home -but only in rare circumstances! In fact, most old windows should all be replaced all at once as soon as possible. 

Total window replacement is only inappropriate if:

  • You would risk leaving your home exposed during peak termite or pest season.
  • The wooden window frames of your home need to be replaced as well.
  • Purchasing and installing all the windows in your home is too expensive for your budget.

Worse than beginning to replace all the windows in your home is stopping halfway through. Whether for financial, structural, or pest reasons, make sure there are no obstacles barring you from completing your total window installation. 

Pros of Replacing All Windows at Once

There is a certain appeal to replacing all your windows at once. If you do so, you’ll know the age of all your windows and it’ll be easier to pinpoint how old they are if they’re all the same age. If replacing windows was less expensive, we would all do it immediately. The pros of new windows are that good. 

Pest Control

Ever had a pesky mosquito or termite get into your home? Chances are that bugs flew in through a crack in an old window or an open space in the frame. New windows prevent pests and can even be treated for insects.

Be sure to compliment your new windows with proper window treatments like light-blocking curtains or blinds. Bugs are attracted to light, so if you are avoiding the question, “should I replace all windows at once,” consider proper window treatments as a temporary option. 

Increased Security

Rather than those sometimes unsightly metal bars, opt for windows that do the job on their own. Commit to shatter-proof glass and the best locking fixtures when replacing the windows in your home. 

Be sure to find the new windows with security up to par. If the most secure windows seem above your budget, consider replacing the only windows on the lowest story of your home with high-security models!

Lower Energy Bills

Windows heavily impact your home’s energy efficiency. A window with UV protection and tinting can reduce your energy bills by 126 to 465 dollars a year according to the US Department of Energy

Why not keep energy prices low when replacing all your windows at once? Besides keeping your energy bill low, reducing UV light in your home helps protect against skin cancers and aging. 

Cons of Replacing All Windows at Once

When asking, “should I replace all windows at once?” be sure to consider the single con along with the positives. 


Buying upwards of 5 windows at once can be difficult. Window prices range depending on style, shape, and energy efficiency rating. As most homes have 8 windows, the total place for window replacement will most likely be 500 dollars or higher. 

However, buying windows is only one facet. Having windows installed is also costly. Per window, installation rates will run the price of the window, if not more. So, the cheapest windows in addition to installation is somewhat expensive. If the project is complex and you decide to tip your window installers, it gets even more costly.

Some companies will add additional fees. Be sure to find a reputable company, like Acadian Windows, the leading window, siding, and patio screen specialist in the U.S. Gulf Coast. 

Replace Your Old Windows All At Once with These 3 Best Energy Efficient Windows

1.Low E Energy Efficient Windows

Low E windows are top-of-the-line energy-efficient windows. Their Low E glass decreases infrared and ultraviolet light let into your home. In window ratings, U-factor measures the flow of heat that passes through the window. With Low E’s low U-factor, the insulation value of Low E windows drastically increases. Meaning, your energy bill decreases. 

When replacing windows, be sure to get windows that decrease, rather than increase, your energy bill. 

2.Hero Glass Windows

Worried about security? Get Hero glass windows. Hero Glass is a new laminated glass pane that fights against noise, airborne debris, forced entry and harmful UV rays. Hero Glass is made with an inner layer of PVB which is put through a heating process, making it shatter resistant.

New windows are more secure, especially if they have Hero Glass.

3.Black Windows

Is style a concern when asking “should I replace all windows at once”? Consider black windows. The black in black windows refers to the window’s trim color. Instead of white PVC or wood frames, black windows have dark and stylish features that make any home modern. 

Not sold on black windows? Let us change your mind with a virtual version of your home with black windows.

Make the Most of Your Install with Acadian Windows

Now that you have answered the question, “should I replace all windows at once?” and know it’s time to replace your windows, look no further than Acadian Windows. Acadian Windows offers the best selection of windows to keep your home up-to-date, trendy, and energy efficient. Our service team is trained and qualified to guarantee a smooth installation process from start to finish of any sized project. If you choose to get vinyl windows, you should learn what they are and how to clean them. 

Our certified technicians have years of hands-on training and learn the newest techniques with modern window technology. The entire process is overseen from start to finish by window installation experts, not salespeople, so you always know you’re getting the best advice. Our windows come with an Acadian warranty and our service people are just one phone call away if any issues arise. We treat every home as if it were our own and guarantee customer satisfaction throughout. 

Contact Acadian Windows at one of our three Louisiana offices in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, and Houma or our Mississippi office in Biloxi.