How To Clean Vinyl Windows: Everything You Need to Know

How To Clean Vinyl Windows

Your windows are the most pivotal part of your home decor and because they are so important, you need to know how to clean vinyl windows. Cleaning your windows may not seem like a necessary part of your cleaning routine but it is. Windows often see a lot of dirt, dust and other build up so it’s essential that you clean them frequently and correctly. 

Vinyl windows are a popular choice when it comes to window types. They are durable, long lasting, and easily customizable. Since they are made of PVC, vinyl windows are also incredibly easy to clean. There are many different products available to help you clean your windows but some of them can be damaging. 

Keep reading this blog to learn more about how to clean vinyl windows and five helpful tips to clean them like an expert.

How to Clean Vinyl Windows: 5 Great Tips

When cleaning your vinyl windows it is vital that you remember that vinyl windows are not glass and  should not be cleaned as such. Many homeowners mistakenly use harsh cleaners that have a lot of chemicals in them that can ruin your windows. Chemicals such as ammonia and bleach can ruin the look and durability of your windows. 

Vinyl windows are made of PVC, an incredibly durable and heat resistant plastic. However, similar to typical plastic, the wrong chemical can ruin it. Here are 5 tips that will help you clean your vinyl windows with ease. 

Remove the Screens

When you begin your journey exploring how to clean vinyl windows, there is something you have to do first. If you have screens on your vinyl windows, it’s best practice to remove them before cleaning. Taking the screens off your window is more efficient than leaving them on because you can properly hose them down or even clean them inside in the shower. Removing the screen also gives you better access to the window tracks, which also need to be cleaned. Additionally, taking off the screen allows you to have better access to the glass and window frame. Once screens are dry and the rest of the window is clean, you can easily slip them back into place.

Use a Gentle Stream of Water

Many people want to use extreme pressure to hose their vinyl windows but this is ill advised. Using something like a pressure washer could bend, warp, or even break your windows. Power washers are very aggressive and can damage the caulking that insulates your windows. Although they can clean things very efficiently, it’s best to avoid them when it comes to your windows. 

Instead of using a pressure washer, gently rinse it off with a hose before applying any cleaning products. If you have a vinyl window screen, or vinyl window with removable panels, it’s best to remove the panels before hosing it down. Gently hosing the panels off before cleaning removes built up dust and dirt easily, so that your cleaning products can make your windows sparkle. 

Use a Gentle Cleanser

As stated previously, by using an abrasive cleanser, you could seriously damage the integrity of your window. Gentle cleaners, like baby soap or shampoo and water, work just as well as the aggressive cleaners in the store. If you don’t want to buy cleaning products, there are many things you probably have laying around the house that you can use as well. A simple DIY window cleaner recipe you can use is combine 1/4 cup of white vinegar with 1/2 cup of dish soap, and dilute the mixture with 2 cups of water. This solution will be gentle on the structure of your windows but will have them so clean you’ll wonder whether they’re open or closed. 

Use a Microfiber Cloth

A microfiber is your best choice when wiping down your windows. A microfiber cloth is less likely to leave lint or fibers on your window when you are cleaning them. Microfiber cloths are also gentle and will pick up the smallest particles of dirt and debris that you can’t even see. If you use abrasive scrubbers, like steel wool, you could risk damaging the surfacing of your window and potentially the insulation as well. Though you may feel that these abrasive scrubbers will get the dirt and grime off quicker, time and elbow grease is the way to go. If you don’t want to use a cloth, a squeegee works just as well at getting rid of excess water and not leaving streaks.

Clean the Tracks 

The last tip when learning how to clean vinyl windows is the tracks. When cleaning your vinyl windows, essential that you don’t forget to clean the tracks. A lot of loose dirt and dust can get caught in the tracks of your windows and can be unsightly to look at. Dirty tracks can also impact the lubrication of windows, making opening and closing them more difficult. To clean out the tracks, you can vacuum out any loose dirt and follow it up with the same non-abrasive cleaner you used to clean the glass. You can clean the tracks the same way you clean the windows and dry the tracks using a lint-free cloth.

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