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The curb appeal of your home is dependent on how it looks. What better way to make your home look like new than with new siding. New siding can enhance your home better than any other home improvement efforts and Acadian Windows is the best place to go to get your home’s new siding.

We have the best installation team in Louisiana and have won the Super Service Award, for the second consecutive year. We specialize in all types of siding systems including Fiber Cement by James Hardie, Steel Siding, and Vinyl Siding.

Vinyl Siding

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Steel Siding

Steel Siding

The Best House Siding on the Market 

Acadian Windows has the best house siding on the market. Whether you’re looking for an easy, low maintenance siding like vinyl siding, or durable siding like James Hardie, Acadian Windows has you covered. 


Vinyl siding is a great choice for the new siding on your house if you’re looking for something that’s low cost and low maintenance. Vinyl siding is cheaper than other siding and can increase the value of your home because it lasts so long. Vinyl siding can stand up to different weather elements much better and longer than wood siding can. Vinyl siding is also customizable. Unlike other siding companies, Acadian Windows has many different color options so you can fit your new siding to your aesthetic preferences. There are many benefits to vinyl siding—it can better insulate your home, wood eating insects won’t ruin it, and the panels we offer have fade resistance so you won’t need to worry about repainting. Along with these benefits, our siding will not rust, crack, rot or dent. 

When you choose Acadian Windows to do your siding, you get a host of things other siding companies just don’t offer. We offer a lifetime guarantee on the siding as well as the installation. Our employees follow the Vinyl Siding Institute’s approved siding installation method so our process is streamlined down to science. Proper installation is key when installing siding on your home and we ensure that you have the best looking home on the block. 


Fiber cement siding is high quality siding made up of water, wood pulp, fly ash and portland cement. James Hardie siding is some of the best siding options on the market and you can’t go wrong with it on your home. James Hardie siding is built to stand up to all the elements, like rain, wind, sleet or snow, so when you choose James Hardie siding, you know your home is protected. This siding is thoroughly tested to withstand the harshest of weather conditions such as hurricanes, snow storms and harsh UV rays. Other sidings like wood are likely to buckle or swell during different weather conditions; James Hardie siding doesn’t do that. When you choose James Hardie siding, you’re choosing one of the most durable sidings on the market. 

At Acadian Windows, we offer James Hardie siding because we know that our customers love it. Not only can it stand up to any weather condition you can imagine, it’s also fire resistant. If there is a fire inside or outside the home, the siding will not ignite or contribute to the fire. In addition to that, animals and other pests don’t have any interest in the components in the siding. This means critters won’t eat the siding and cause deterioration. 

Steel Siding

Do you love the look of metal metal siding? If so, steel siding may be the best choice for you. Steel siding is a great choice for your home if you love an industrial, rustic modern aesthetic.  Steel siding is a popular choice because it can be used in many different ways and it lasts a long time. The  maintenance for steel siding is low, as it is with all of our sidings. There are a variety of different colors and style options you can choose from in order to best fit your style needs. 

Many people confuse steel siding with aluminum siding but they are not the same. Aluminum siding is weak. Steel siding is durable and insect resistant. Along with those benefits, steel siding is also fire resistant. Steel siding may get you a break in insurance, especially if you live in an area that’s prone to fires. Steel siding is also great if you live in an area with thunderstorms, as it can protect from lightning. It’s low maintenance and fade resistant and you can even get steel siding that is textured. Steel siding comes in as many different shapes, sizes and colors as other siding does as well.

Why Other Siding Companies Can’t Compete with Acadian

The home remodeling industry has a bad reputation because of unskilled workers, shoddy installation practices, and prices that are far too high. There isn’t any of that here at Acadian Windows and Siding. We choose only the most skilled workers to install your house siding. We were founded on incredible installation processes and friendly customer service, not just on the amount of sales. This excellent service has gotten us an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. The President of Acadian Windows is a third-generation window installation and home repair expert. He’s had firsthand installation experience from a young age and knows exactly how things are supposed to be done. 

At Acadian Windows we’re here to make sure you receive the best of the best. Other siding companies’ main priorities are to sell you a product; they don’t care about their customers like we do. We are dedicated to being the best siding company around and our excellent customer service reflects that. 

The Best Siding New Orleans Offers & Beyond

New Orleans and the Gulf South is a great place to live but it might not be so easy to find the best siding company. That’s why Acadian Windows has the best siding New Orleans residents love. The process we take you through to get your new siding is streamlined and straightforward. We have a documented process that all of our employees follow in order to ensure that you receive the best service every time. 

We also offer financing options so that you can get the beautiful house siding of your dreams and pay for it over time. Acadian Windows has your best interest in mind when it comes to all your siding wants and needs. Contact us today if you have any questions or concerns and get ready to have the windows of your dreams.