Vinyl Siding

Vinyl Siding

  • We offer free, no-obligation, in-home consultations with vinyl siding styles for you to see, touch and test our quality
  • Acadian offers maintenance-free vinyl siding along with all the modern accessories and architectural detail options for maximum curb appeal
  • Acadian installs your vinyl siding using the Vinyl Siding Institute’s approved vinyl siding installation methods
  • Acadian gives you a lifetime guarantee on your siding AND the installation
  • Acadian’s vinyl siding is a premium panel that won’t rust, crack, peel, rot, dent and resists fading
  • Acadian uses ENERGY STAR® rated underlayment and uses corner wrap to protect your home from moisture, insects and mold

 Siding Installation

No matter how good a siding panel is, if the siding is not installed properly, it will not last and will not protect your home as it is intended to do. Acadian installs your vinyl siding using the manufacturers approved installation methods. Our installation teams work from sun up to sun down and are second to none in the industry. You can rest assured that that your siding investment will be installed perfect when you choose Acadian for your project.

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  • We use extra long 16-foot panels, which means up to 33% fewer seams. Superior engineering eliminates gaps where panels meet –seams are tight and virtually invisible.
  • We prepare and protect your home with underlayment and corner wrap. This will be a layer of protection from moisture, insects and mold.
  • Mitered J channel gives a finished look to your installation and allows for proper drainage around windows and doors.
  • Inside and outside corner posts properly finish interior and exterior corners for a professional installation.
  • Vinyl coated aluminum trim material is maintenance free and will not rust or oxidize.
  • Our attention to detail includes proper gable vents and J-blocks so your faucets and fixtures are attractively finished and do not become an entry point for moisture and pests.
  • We use steel starter strips so your vinyl siding is straight and will not sag or fail.
  • Rigid soffit with hidden vents gives a clean, modern look without sacrificing needed ventilation and will hold up over time.
  • Lifetime installation warranty.

Vinyl Siding Colors

Premium Colors

Premium Dark Colors

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