Entry Doors

First impressions are important, and therefore few areas of your home deserve the attention to style that your entryway does. At Acadian, choosing the right exterior door for your house has never been easier.

Our entry doors excel in beauty, durability, security and energy efficiency. Entry doors are a great way to showcase how warm and welcoming your home is.

Our entry doors are available in both fiberglass and Steel. There are many benefits to fiberglass and steel doors. Fiberglass doors are durable, they don’t rust or warp, can reduce heat, and are stylish. Steel doors are also durable as well as energy-efficient, and great for security. You can’t go wrong with either!

Custom Stained Front Doors

Combine deep stains or rich colors with decorative glass for a look that is timeless.

Our stains are hand-applied then oven-cured for maximum beauty and durability. State-of- the-art electrostatic paint application ensures a beautiful even coat. Painted doors can chip over time and lose their color. While painted doors are trendy, that trend may go away and you’ll find yourself wishing you’d gone with that custom stained door.  Stained doors are timeless and make your home look inviting.

Stained doors are versatile, they go with any style so if you change your shutters, or paint your siding your door will still fit your existing aesthetics. Stained doors are durable and look great as a front door, patio door, or even exterior door. You truly cannot go wrong wherever you place your new stained door.

The authentic wood look is made possible by using cutting-edge nickel vapor deposition technology.

Scientifically formulated compounds provide superior resistance to denting, splitting, cracking, and warping, making stained front doors the best investment you can put in your home.

Decorative Glass Doors

Do you want to stand out from the crowd with a decorative glass door? There are many benefits to adding a decorative glass door to your home such as letting in more natural light. Glass doors are stylish and showcase your unique style.

Glass doors can increase the value of your home because they are so unique, installing a glass door will set you apart from other houses in the neighborhood that may all look the same. Adding a decorative glass door to your home is also a great way to incorporate something new into your home without replacing your entire previous door.

Highly skilled craftsmen assemble our Decorative Glass by precisely cutting, mitering, and soldering each component into artistically designed patterns.

Art glass seeks visual character through aesthetic imperfections. It achieves this through textural waves and striations, random seeds (air bubbles), and a variety of other effects.

Exclusive to Acadian windows, our INSPIRATIONS™ Art Glass offers color accents in a wide range of designs that will make a unique statement your neighbors will be sure to notice. 

Get your custom decorative glass windows today and become the envy of the block.

Entry Door and Exterior Door Essentials

The framing on your entry doors and exterior doors are essential to a well-insulated home. Door frames provide support for the entry and exterior doors and ensure that your doors are level with the floor.

A poor framing system could affect your entire home negatively. That is why our entry doors systems are available with rot-resistant composite frame and exterior brick moulding or they are available with PVC vinyl coated aluminum frame cladding for the exterior.

Composite framing also helps with humidity and prevents the risk of swelling and cracking in your door frame. Since it’s rot-resistant, the risk of mold in your door frame is nonexistent. To top it all off,  framing prevents wood-eating insects from ruining your beautiful home stained or decorative glass doors.

Door hardware says as much about your home as the actual door does. That’s why we offer hardware from Emtek® and Schlage® that provides some of the most stylish, durable hardware available today.

Emtek® is a door hardware leader. They offer several different kinds of configurations of handles, knobs, and other door accessories. Their wide variety of door essentials allows you to be able to further customize your home and stand out from other homes in the neighborhood. Most of their products are made of brass which makes them able to stand up to all sorts of weather.

Schlage® hardware is the door hardware of the future. Coming in a variety of different styles, this door hardware can also be customized to fit your unique style and needs. Schlage® also has locks that you can even engage with your smartphone.

Get the perfect door hardware to match your home’s aesthetics and your security needs today.

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Patio Doors

Patio doors are just as important as entry doors and exterior doors and we have the quietest, smoothest patio door on the market. Scroll down to see different configurations available in our patio door systems. The right patio door can add value to your home and make you stand out.

Patio Door Features

The multi-chamber design and weather stripping stand up to the toughest weather with amazing energy performance. It’s essential to have this weather stripping to keep your home insulated and your energy bills low. The right patio door can really transform the interior and exterior of your spaces in your home.

A patio door can open up the space of your living room, sunroom, or wherever it’s located. Patio doors located in the living room make your space feel larger and can lead the eye out to the beautiful patio area.

Sturdy screen: rigid frame, self-cleaning tracks, anodized aluminum track built into the sill, adjustable spring-loaded suspension system. Steel reinforced panels for door-panel stability and years of smooth, stable operation.

These patio doors have everything you need and more. You can’t go wrong with our patented self-lubricating sliding system that also features dual tandem wheels. These doors aren’t just durable but they’re also incredibly accessible. You can come in and out of your home with ease with our patio doors.

Smooth, easy, quiet, our patio doors let in natural light, and will last you a lifetime.


Patio Doors are available in 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel configurations.

The different configurations of patio doors that we have allow you to match the style of your home from the inside and out.

2-paneled patio doors are classic and elegant. This is a great option if you have a small porch area to open into. They come in a variety of sizes so you can choose one that best fits the space in your home.

3-paneled patio doors are large and in charge and let in incredible amounts of natural light. They fit tightly in the frame to prevent air-loss and keep your energy bills low.

4-paneled patio doors are the largest option we offer and are a great option if you love natural lighting. These doors allow you to see all of your back patio from inside and can help create an open environment if you feel your space is cramped.

No matter how many panels you choose for your patio door, you can’t go wrong with choosing Acadian Windows.

The Best Doors in New Orleans & Beyond

Every house has to have doors. Why not have the best doors you could possibly have with Acadian Windows. We have the best doors in New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Houma, Biloxi, Mobile, Pensacola, and across the Gulf Coast. Not only that, but our quick and efficient installation process is unmatched! Our team is trained and has a guide that they follow, unlike other companies. Our guide was created to streamline the installation process and have us in and out before you can even notice we’re there.

Choose our decorative glass doors to stand out in the neighborhood and increase the value of your home. Try our custom stained entry doors to give your home a warm and inviting feel. No matter what you choose you will have a durable, reliable door that your neighbors may envy.

Contact us to learn more about choosing the best door for your home. Learn more about our financing options here,  so you can have the door you want now and pay for it later. View all of our doors service areas here.

Choose Acadian Windows to get the door of your dreams today!