Retractable Porch Screens

Retractable screens can be installed in a wide variety of places to limit sunshine, keep insects at bay, and provide privacy. The screens we provide for windows, patios, doors, and garages are elegant and will effectively enclose a space. When seeking the perfect retractable screens for your home, know that it doesn’t matter which size you need them in because you’ll still be able to reap the benefits of the glorious outdoors.

After having our custom screens installed, you’ll be able to enjoy the cool breeze and the fresh air. You won’t have to worry about nuisances, such as insects or too much sun in your eyes to bother you. It only takes a few retractable porch screens to make a difference in your home. In your new enclosed space, you have complete control over how you decide to utilize your space. You’ll be able to raise or lower your screens with the press of a button to either fully immerse yourself in the outdoor experience or luxuriate inside your home without any outdoor distractions.

We offer different color screen housings and mesh. A white screen mesh gives you the opportunity to create a projector screen and truly making a unique outdoor living space. View our retractable porch screen service areas here.

Custom Retractable Porch Screens

When the weather is nice, there’s nothing better than enjoying the great outdoors. However, a swarm of pesky bugs and terrible allergens can turn a lovely family fun day into a huge inconvenience. Most people want their outdoor fun with an indoor experience. A sleek set of retractable porch screens can give you the best of both worlds. Acadian’s retractable porch screens were created with a combination of aluminum and mesh to form a tightly woven shield to protect your family and friends from the bothersome outside elements. A beautiful set of retractable porch screens reduce the amount of dust, mold, and mildew allowed to get inside of your home while shielding you from flies, gnats, and mosquitos.

Another amazing benefit of a brand new set of Acadian retractable porch screens is protection from UV rays. There is an immense reduction in the amount of heat that is allowed into your space when it has to filter through these thick screens. This is a benefit that earns its keep. A new set of retractable porch screens can actually lower your energy bill. It stops your A/C from overworking to keep your rooms cool by only allowing a small amount of heat in.

Here are some of the benefits of investing in a set of custom retractable porch screens:

  • Protection against harsh UV rays, changing weather conditions, and aggressive insects
  • Reduction in the cost of your energy bill
  • Temperature regulation inside of your home
  • Comfortable outdoor experience with the feel of outside without the hassle
  • Unique look that boosts the value of your home with total customization
  • Durable, long-lasting, with an easy clean-up
  • User-friendly and allow you to raise or lower your screens without ever getting off the couch

Acadian is a company dedicated to the betterment of our customers’ homes. We offer so many different types of screens to be used in a variety of ways.

Patio Screens

It’s finally time to take your patio to the next level. When it comes to revamping your backyard, a beautiful set of patio screens can be adapted to suit any home. Have you wondered about adding patio screens, but were unsure of the great features that came along with them? These screens can not only give your place a revitalized look, but there are a host of other benefits to installing screens on your patio.

Patio Screens Offer Privacy

Patio screens are a great way to enclose your space. Often, people want to enjoy some fresh air, but want the privacy to do so. Patio screens keep your business your business, blocking out unwanted noise and the eyes of nosy neighbors. At Acadian, you can customize the tint of your patio screens to conceal your patio space or blend in better with the decor of your home. You can expect nothing but privacy when you host a party or intimidate dinner on your patio with these gorgeous patio screens.

Patio Screens Give You An Extra Room

Another amazing benefit of patio screens is the expansion of space. Whether you have to make room for a few house guests or need to convert your patio  into a nifty work-from-home space, a set of patio screens can turn your patio into another room. Pet owners have found that patio screens make it easier to give their animals a taste of the outdoors when the weather may not permit it fully. This is an inexpensive way to increase the value of your home and provide an extended area of functional space for you and your family.

Feel Protected with Patio Screens

As mentioned before, a set of patio screens will offer your home the most optimal protection. You and your dog can enjoy the good weather without having to spray yourselves down in bug spray. Patio screens keep out unwanted pests. Moreover, patio screens offer protection from the sun and other weather conditions. It’s definitely easier to regulate the temperature inside your home when you have patio screens limiting the amount of heat from the sun or cold air from the wind getting into your home. These screens act as a barrier between the outside world and you, shielding you from rain, wind, and the heat.

Porch Screens

Party in the front of your home with a set of porch screens. Porch screens are a great addition to any home, but especially to those who yearn for the movie theaters. Believe it or not, a white retractable porch screen could display some of the best films when your family bundles up inside your screened-in porch. Porch screens can create a space in your home for family fun and bonding. It creates a new space to enjoy one another, getting a piece of the outdoors with the comfort of being inside. A porch screen not only blocks away the bugs and pests, but they serve as a great way to give your home a new look for half the cost of a total renovation.

For the best porch screens and patio screens, call Acadian! We offer retractable porch screens in a variety of colors, all equipped with the highest quality materials.

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