How to Lower Your Energy Bill Using New Orleans Energy-Efficient Windows

How to Lower Your Energy Bill Using New Orleans Energy-Efficient Windows

Summer is heating up and although it may not cool down any time soon, there is still a way to beat the heat in New Orleans: energy efficient windows! Using energy efficient windows is a sure-fire way to lower your energy bill. Every home is unique, however. So, when it comes to designing and installing energy efficient windows, it isn’t a one-size fits all. If you are wondering how using New Orleans energy efficient windows can lower your energy bill, keep reading.

How do New Orleans’ Energy Efficient Windows Save Money?

Energy efficient windows use the power of insulation to save you money. Windows with increased insulation are energy efficient because they prevent heated or cooled air from escaping your home. They also impede the outside air from entering the home, thus preventing you from needing to operate the thermostat to regulate the in-home temperature as often. Reducing the use of your heating and cooling unit allows for less energy use, and thus, lower energy bills. There are several ways that the energy efficiency of a window can be improved. To increase the energy efficiency of your windows you might consider:

Installing Multi-Pane Windows

A single pane window is not equipped to effectively prevent hot or cold air from outside from permeating your home. During the summer months, the sun’s rays can shine directly through a single pane window with little problem and lead to unplanned and uncomfortable heating of your home. By installing windows with two or more panes, you are adding an additional layer of glass to protect your home from the external air and the sun’s rays. These panes are separated by pockets of air that work to stop unwanted airflow. This means, multiple panes also work to trap your conditioned air inside. As mentioned, the less you need to operate your AC unit, the lower your energy bill will be.

Improving Window Frames

Rattling windows are a reminder that a home is not properly insulated. If the frame your windows are in are not energy efficient, the increased efficiency brought on by other factors such as using multiple panes or window spacers will be undercut greatly. Efficient frames can come in the form of vinyl, metal or aluminum, fiberglass, or wood. The material needed for your window frame to be considered efficient will vary depending on the specifics of your home, but generally, aluminum will have higher rates of heat loss than fiberglass, which is suitable for nearly all climates. Well fitted frames made with the right material will naturally boost the energy efficiency of your windows.

Applying Low-E Glass Coatings

Low-emissivity, or low-e, coatings for glass will also work to lower your energy bill. These coatings work to allow some light to travel through the glass but prevent heat from doing so. Also, low emissive glass coatings reflect ultraviolet light away from your home. In warmer climates, energy efficiency can be improved by placing Low-E glass coatings on the outside of the window, which will keep your home cooler. In colder climates, using low-e coatings on the inside of the window will help trap warmer air inside during the winter months. In either climate or in anywhere between, Low-E glass coatings shield your home from the whims of the element and reduce the need for air conditioning and heating units to be left running.

Using Window Spacers

Window spacers are placed between panes in multi-pane windows. These spacers allow for the proper amount of distance to be maintained between the panes. This distance is necessary to ensure that heat flow is reduced appropriately. Much like frames, window spacers can be made from a variety of materials so long as insulation is improved, and heat flow is diminished.

Installing Gas Fillers    

Gas fillers are non-toxic, odorless, and like window spacers, they are used between the panes of multi-pane windows to improve insulation. Common gasses used as fillers include argon and krypton. Although krypton works more effectively for insulating windows, it also costs quite a bit more. Argon is still very useful for saving energy and is the more practical choice for many homeowners.

As stated, each home is different and which features work best for you will depend on the specifics of your house. Whatever your needs, Acadian Windows and Siding can meet and exceed them by increasing the energy efficiency score of your windows while also beautifying your home.

Additional Savings Perks of Energy Efficient Windows

Beyond helping you save on your energy bill this summer, there are a plethora of perks associated with installing energy-efficient window that can help you save money:

Save Money During the Winter Months

Energy efficient windows are not only effective in the summer. The insulation works both ways, so in the winter months your warmed air is trapped inside, keeping your home the desired temperature, regardless of the season.

Save on A/C Maintenance

Energy efficient windows remove the need for constant use of a home’s cooling and heating unit. Less usage results in a longer life for your unit as it experiences less depreciation over time. This lets you save on maintenance costs for your A/C unit in addition to saving on your energy bill!

Save Furniture from Depreciation

Energy efficient windows are typically covered in a special glass coating to prevent the transmission of ultraviolet light into your home. Furniture is protected by the reduction of this harsh light. Preservation of furniture and décor helps it maintain its look and value, saving homemakers money in an unexpected way.

Let Acadian Windows Install Your New Orleans Energy Efficient Windows

The major concern for those considering energy efficient windows is the price. Energy efficient windows are an investment, and in time the money they help you save will offset the initial cost. Additionally, there are rebates and tax incentives to assist homeowners with the costs. Whether you are struggling with too few panes, low quality frames, or just poor insulation in general, energy efficient windows can help you lower your electric bill year-round. To invest in your home and future while lowering your energy bill for years to come, call Acadian Windows and Sidings to discuss the details of your next project today!