Are Black Windows More Expensive? Picking the Right Aesthetic

Are Black Windows More Expensive?

If you have your mind set on upgrading your home by installing new black windows, you’ll need to first address the question, “Are black windows more expensive?” When choosing the most aesthetically pleasing windows to outfit your home, cost is an obvious factor in the remodeling or construction process. 

Finding ways to optimize for style while keeping your wallet out of trouble is the key to being smart while staying chic. And with more and more homeowners across the nation choosing to opt into the black window trend, it’s important to know exactly how your options play out on a financial scale. Continue reading to learn more about how black windows can help you achieve your modern aesthetic goals. 

White Windows vs. Black Windows

Before choosing which windows are right for your unique needs, let’s explore some of the key differences between white and black windows. 

  • White windows are a hallmark of historic homes across the country, traditionally used to give a clean, charming appearance to suburban and vacation homes alike. White windows are more subtle than black windows and can easily match with other aesthetic choices in one’s home. 
  • Black windows, bearing far darker tones, speak to the modernization of the architectural sphere; more and more folks want to upgrade their aesthetics to stand out from the rest of the block rather than blend in to the background. Black windows provide a high color contrast against light or neutral paint colors, and have a lot of spunky character that isn’t easily missed. 
  • Both white and black windows provide protection from rain, heat, debris, and forced entry. The differences between them are found only in their aesthetics and, as we’ll soon discover, in their financial costs. 

The Million Dollar Question: “Are Black Windows More Expensive?”

The answer to this question varies by company and manufacturer, though generally speaking, they do tend to run slightly more expensive on the market than traditional white windows do. Studies show that black windows usually retail for 10-15% more than white windows do. The reasons behind this discrepancy are fairly straightforward.

For one, their dark coloration necessitates extra components during the manufacturing processes, meaning more time, labor, and resources are invested during their creation. (Note: this is the case for all colored windows, of which black is the most popular color by far.) Even though these extra investments are most certainly deemed worthwhile after producing such sleek final products, they do tend to add one some extra costs that fall on the shoulders of potential buyers. 

Moreover, even though the popularity of black windows is increasing day-by-day, the demand for white windows still exceeds that of the former. Because demand is lower, fewer black windows are manufactured and stored in merchandising warehouses altogether. Since the warehouse space occupied by black windows doesn’t immediately turn over, retailers may charge more for the collateral. 

The Solution

Luckily, black windows look lavish, but aren’t far more expensive than their traditional white or beige counterparts! Some window providers, such as Acadian Windows, provide smart financing options that include short or long-term payment plans with low APR rates and 0% deferred interest to ensure that your black window purchases don’t break the bank. Payment plans such as these ensure that you can disperse the front-end costs of your windows across multiple paychecks, lowering the purchasing barriers for the fabulous windows of your dreams.  

Plus, because many black windows can be modified with tints and low-e coatings, they will end up saving homeowners money in the long run by lowering annual energy usage by keeping the cold air in and the hot air out. Proper installation means proper insulation, which can mean a huge difference for people trying to lower their bills in areas that experience extreme temperature fluctuations throughout the year.

Types of Black Windows 

Understand that cost may also vary depending on the type and size of the black window you’d like to install. These choices also have a massive impact on your potential home aesthetic. 

Here are a few of the most common black window options available for purchase: 

  • Single or Double Hung Windows come with swinging panes (rather than sliding ones) that allow for ample airflow and easy cleaning. 
  • 2 or 3-Lite Slider Windows are perfect for horizontal spaces or long walls in need of a little flair. The window panes slide side-to-side past one another, allowing you to choose which side the air flows in. 3-Lite sliders include an extra immovable pane in the middle. 
  • Bow & Bay Windows include multiple-angled panes that let the light in from all directions. Open up a room and provide great outdoor views all year round. 
    • Casement Windows are single-pane units with foldable cranks that can be mulled together to create even larger installations. They also have two locks for extra security. 
  • Garden Windows are fully insulated. These are especially designed to accommodate all the sunlight that an indoor garden needs to flourish and grow without overheating your house or amping up your A/C bills.  

Acadian’s Cost-Effective Black Windows 

So, are black windows more expensive all of the time? Not with Acadian Windows! When it comes to the best black windows on the market, Acadian Windows is proud to offer our products to families throughout Louisiana and Mississippi. We know how hard it is to find modern, stylish options that won’t drain your savings during an expensive remodeling or building campaign. That’s why our black windows make it easy to look bold on a budget. 

Not only do we offer affordable windows, but we also provide affordable installation services to ensure that your windows are built to last, even in harsh and unpredictable weather conditions. With our experienced experts, your windows will stay insulated and intact for years down the line. Contact us today to start learning how you can purchase your very own black windows to make your home absolutely eye-catching.