How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last in Louisiana?

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last in Louisiana?

How long do vinyl windows last in Louisiana? More than likely if you’re hunting for the best replacement windows in town, you’ve been asking this question. You might be looking for the best option to replace your current windows because they’ve had their share of wear and tear, or maybe you’re looking for a custom home renovation and want to get the best bang for your buck. It doesn’t matter what brought you the topic of vinyl windows, but one thing is for certain: you’re looking for the best vinyl windows out there. The great thing about the vinyl windows that Acadian has to offer is that they will last you at least 20 years, but most likely much longer. A lot of thought goes into selecting the best window option for you. Let’s get into what you should be looking for when it comes to windows. 

What Are Vinyl Windows Made Of?

Vinyl windows are made from polyvinyl chloride (PVC). PVC is used for thousands of other things, making it a great choice for your windows. PVC’s widespread use makes it more affordable. Not only is it affordable, but it’s also resistant to heat, and it offers excellent abrasion and solder resistance. What else can you make with PVC besides vinyl windows? Everything! PVC is used for anything you could potentially imagine, like car parts, medical equipment, pipes, and plastic wrap. You name it, PVC is probably a part of it somehow.  Vinyl windows were manufactured because wood windows, at the time, were incredibly costly. Still today, vinyl windows are the cheaper option between the two (though there are also many affordable wood options). 

Louisiana’s Vinyl Window History

Windows are a big deal in Louisiana, especially in New Orleans. Many people travel here to see the beautiful stained glass window designs in the churches and cathedrals. There are many historical windows located all over New Orleans. You’ll most likely see that these stained glass windows have wooden frames and that is to protect their historical value. Most of the homes that you’ll see have vinyl windows. Many people prefer vinyl windows because they can withstand the muggy, humid, Louisiana weather. 

How Long Do Vinyl Windows Last in Louisiana’s Humid Climate?

When you’ve picked the highest quality windows for your home, they should last anywhere from 20 to 40 years, but the swampy Louisiana climate will do everything in its power to wear your windows down. If you’re a Louisiana resident, you know exactly how a hot, muggy day can test the durability of your home.

When hurricane season comes, you can see what your home is truly made of as it will have to withstand heavy rainfall and harsh winds. Any Louisiana resident knows that even when it’s not hurricane season, the Louisiana climate can be brutal on a house. If it’s not the blistering heat characteristic of the South, then it’s every bug and rodent imaginable trying to get its way in. That’s why it’s vital for you to select the best windows for your home. Windows are one of your home’s first lines of defense when it comes to the outside world, and you want them to be able to hold on for as long as they can. For that reason, vinyl windows are a cut above the rest when expertly installed on a Louisiana home. Here are a few benefits that prove vinyl windows are the right choice for you:

Easily Replaceable 

Though vinyl windows last a long time, you might need to replace them in the event that something disastrous happens. Vinyl windows are much cheaper than their aluminum or wood counterparts because PVC is an easily accessible and affordable material.  If you ever need to replace your vinyl window, it’ll be a breeze. While vinyl windows are the most inexpensive of all window options, they are still made with high-quality materials that add to their durability in the Louisiana humidity. So, if you want to know, “How long do vinyl windows last in Louisiana?” it’s important to factor in the cost of your window replacements. 

Noise Control  

If you’re concerned about noise abatement, not only are vinyl windows the best option, but dual pane windows are the way to go. Vinyl windows are among the thickest of windows, which contributes to their soundproofing capabilities. When used in tandem with a dual-pane structure, there are two panes of glass that will better insulate your home, sealing in your family’s sounds, sealing out external noises, and contributing to low energy costs. Dual-pane-styled windows add an extra layer to limit the noise pollution outside of your home. If you live by bothersome railroad tracks or loud neighbors, dual-pane vinyl windows are the best way to keep noise out of your home. 


Vinyl windows are made out of an incredibly heat resistant material. This makes them incredibly energy efficient. When investing in replacement windows, you want the best option to protect your home and your wallet. “How long do vinyl windows last in Louisiana” is a question that can’t be answered without considering the ways that vinyl windows improve the amount of energy your home uses. Vinyl windows keep your A/C from working harder during the smoldering summer months. They also reduce the amount of cold air that can enter your home during the winter months. With a set of vinyl windows, you can keep your energy bill at an affordable price. 

Fade-Resistant Colors

Vinyl windows are often seen as attractive to the homeowners looking to jazz up the style of their homes. If you’re asking, “How long do vinyl windows last in Louisiana?” you must know it depends on your attachment to trends. Vinyl windows are available in every color under the sun and can be used on any style of home. They have a traditional appearance that can blend in with the typical window styles of your neighborhood, but they also can be used on a modern home. Vinyl windows’ durability are what contributes to the fade resistant colors. For homeowners that aren’t afraid to play with color, vinyl windows are the best option but choose wisely. Vinyl windows cannot be stained or painted. 


Louisiana summers are known for two things: humidity and bugs. Luckily, with vinyl windows neither of those is a problem. Being made of PVC, vinyl windows are pest free. Vinyl windows won’t corrode or rust, be eaten by termites, or any of the other common issues people have with wood and aluminum windows. When it comes to upkeep, vinyl windows are the easiest to manage. Vinyl windows seldom see the wear and tear of their counterparts. It’s true that vinyl windows are more resistant to the adamant Louisiana elements and tend not to age as quickly as some of the other window replacements. 

Acadian’s Long-Lasting Vinyl Windows 

How long do vinyl windows last in Louisiana? The key to answering this question is to evaluate the benefits that vinyl windows can bring to your home. Acadian Windows offers long-lasting vinyl windows that can suit the style of any home. With premium materials and highly skilled experts involved in every step of the installation process, Acadian guarantees vinyl windows to withstand the worst of Louisiana’s weather conditions. Contact us today to explore the best window options for you!