How Do Keyless Entry Door Locks Work?

How Do Keyless Entry Door Locks Work?

Have you lost your keys for the last time and are now wondering “How do keyless entry door locks work?” We’ve got the answer for you! Losing your keys, forgetting where you put them, and fumbling to find them in your bag or pocket are just a few of the everyday challenges that come with entry door locks. Getting a keyless door lock is an easy first step into increasing the value of your home as well as it’s safety. Keyless entry door locks are the lock of the future and will be the end of all your entry door key problems. 

How Keyless Entry Door Locks Work: Explained 

But exactly how do keyless entry door locks work? There are many different brands of keyless entry door locks but they all work similarly. Most of these locks are installed like a regular entry door lock but instead of a key, there’s a pin pad or an electronic touchscreen. Some of these locks even come with technology that allows you to sync the lock to your phone. Here are 5 benefits to having a keyless entry door lock.

5 Benefits to Keyless Entry Door Locks


Above everything, keyless entry door locks are incredibly convenient. With a keyless lock, you won’t ever have to search through your bag or worry that you’ve left your keys somewhere again. Many keyless entry locks come with pin pads. Once you’ve installed your keyless lock, all you have to do is set up a pin code and your key worries are over. No matter what brand of keyless lock you choose, it’s sure to be more convenient than your previous locks. 

Automatic Locking

If you’re a person who constantly wonders if they remembered to lock the door, a keyless lock will help you greatly. Some brands of keyless locks have automatic locking. Once you shut your door, it will lock on its own and you can continue on with your day. Although this technology will save you time, it’s important to still check to make sure the door is locked before you leave your home. Technology is not perfect and can fail sometimes. 

Increased Security 

Are you overall concerned about the safety of your home? Keyless entry locks can help with this as well. With these locks, potential intruders will have a hard time trying to enter your home. Though some of these locks have a keyhole for emergencies, you can get locks that are completely keyhole-free. The absence of a keyhole will make it impossible for anyone to pick your lock and increase the safety of your home. Rest easy at night with a keyless entry door lock.

Monitored Access

Many of the keyless lock brands allow you to create a set of different pins for different users. With this technology, you can monitor who is coming and going from your home with ease. Some keyless systems even allow up to 25 different code combinations. On an important note, be careful with formulating too many different codes as this could become confusing and give too many people access to your home. However, some systems come with access withdrawal, as discussed below.

Quick Access Withdrawal 

If you have family friends or relatives that are staying at your home, you can easily create a code that gives them access. Conversely, if a problem arises and you need to revoke access from that person, you can quickly remove their code. With a typical lock and key situation, this would be much more complex and could end with you having to change your locks. With a keyless system, this process is incredibly simple.

Keyless Entry Door Locks New Orleans Residents Trust

As stated previously, there are many different brands of keyless entry systems but the brands New Orleans residents trust are Emtek® and Schlage®. These companies provide the best door hardware around and Acadian customers love to have them on their New Orleans entry doors. 


Emtek not only has everyday lock and key hardware but they also offer keyless entry systems. Emtek has many different options when it comes to keyless entry door locks. They offer touchpad lock systems in addition to pin padlocks as well. Many of their lock options also come with deadbolts, so you can rest assured that your home’s security will be increased when you have an Emtek keyless lock. No matter which kind of lock you choose, you’re sure to find one that fits your needs and your home’s existing aesthetic.


Schlage is another great brand that offers a large selection of typical lock and key combinations as well as keyless lock systems. Their Camelot Keypad Entry with Flex-Lock was voted the best overall by The Spruce. This particular unit has an incredibly long battery life and an automatic locking system. You can easily disable the automatic locking feature from the inside of your home which is incredibly useful when bringing in groceries or if kids are coming and going. This is just one of the fantastic locks that Schlage offers, they have many different locks to choose from. 

The Best Keyless Entry Door Locks Louisiana Has To Offer!

There isn’t a better place to purchase your keyless entry door lock than from Acadian Windows. You won’t understand how much you need this technology until you have it. Now that the question of “how do keyless entry door locks work?” has been answered, you can head to Acadian Windows to get your brand new locks. Not only does Acadian Windows have many different options for door hardware but there is also a large variety of different entry, patio and sliding doors as well. While you’re upgrading your doors, consider adding black windows to your home as well. 

When you come to Acadian Windows you can truly upgrade your home’s aesthetics, from the windows to the siding. If you’ve been considering upgrading your home’s security and style, it’s time to contact us and get the process started. Our expert installation team can’t wait to help you upgrade your home today!