Windows Kenner, Louisiana

Windows Kenner, Louisiana

Residents in Kenner know their city has a wide selection of housing styles. So many different styles come with many options. What door do you want? What colors do you want to put together? What windows do you want? And more than that, you have to decide where you can get the best quality all the while getting the style you want. Windows bring beauty and personality to your home both inside and out. If eyes are the window to the soul, then windows are where you can see the soul of your home. And who doesn’t want their home to be beautiful inside and out, just like the residents of Kenner? It’s important to find a company that provides quality products and services for your home that will last the test of time.

Here at Acadian Windows, we’re proud to offer the best quality windows in Kenner so your home can maintain both its beauty and energy efficiency. Acadian’s windows are energy efficient by keeping the hot air out and your air conditioning in during the summer, and the freezing air out and your heating in during the winter, as well as keeping the harmful UV and ultraviolet radiation waves out. We provide high-quality windows to give your home the look you want with the professional installation you deserve.

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At Acadian Windows, we have a wide selection of windows available to you. You can ask about our wood or aluminum windows for a classic look, our aluminum-clad windows for more contemporary styles, or one of our energy-efficient vinyl selections if you’re looking to be more environmentally friendly and eco-conscious.

New Construction and Replacement Windows in Kenner

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Our high quality and stylish windows come with custom installation from certified professionals so you can rest easy knowing the job was done right. All of our employees follow the same tried and true installation guide when installing new windows. Our guide and method is guaranteed to get you the best and most consistent results possible no matter which Acadian employee is working on your project. 

You can choose from a variety of window styles, including:

  • Single Hung Windows, which can let the calming breeze in during the dog days of summer. They feature a fixed top pane and bottom pane that swivels inwards so that you can open the pane just enough to let in that fresh air and get some relief from the hot weather if you’d rather enjoy nature’s breeze than the air-conditioned draft. These windows are perfect for the coolest space in your home during the summer which will keep you feeling fresh and cool.
  • Double Hung Windows, which are a modern version of the classic design makes your life easier with its utility yet sleek design. Unlike the Single Hung window option, both the top and bottom panes swing open in this design, making your windows easier to clean than ever before. These are perfect for those windows you dread cleaning–although now they’ll be easier than ever.
  • 2 Lite Slider Windows, unlike other options, features two panels that slide inwards independently so you can keep one side open and one closed if you’d like. This option is perfect for a space with a more horizontal room than vertical spaces, yet continues to offer a stylish and innovative choice.
  • 3 Lite Slider Windows, which differs from 2 Lite Slider Windows as they include 2 panes on 2 sides that slide independently past a fixed pane located in the middle, rather than just 2 panes that slide inward independently. The additional pane in this window option allows for more views and sunlight. 
  • Bow & Bay Windows are designed to create a sense of space and add natural light to rooms that are smaller in size. They truly open up a room and create an open atmosphere. These are great for alcoves, or if you want to lighten up and expand a room without completely renovating a room. With advanced technology, these windows are also ultra-durable and insulate your home too. You’ll get the best of both worlds with these window choices. 
  • Casement Windows, which are single-panned windows that open and close using a convenient foldaway crank, are a classic window style. These are always useful and polished for any style of room in your home.
  • Garden Windows are perfect for those with green thumbs who love to garden in any season. They’re great for indoor gardening and are also great for sunrooms or any rooms where you want the most sunshine. They let the most light in out of any of our other configurations without sacrificing insulation and security. You don’t need to be an indoor gardener to love these windows!

Energy Efficient Windows in Kenner, Louisiana

If you’re interested in saving money and reducing your energy output, look no further. Our Low E coated windows can help keep the temperature exactly how you want it during the roughest months of the year. Low E coating is a virtually invisible metallic layer we provide that suppresses the radiant heat flow through your windows that cause unnecessary temperature changes in your home. By blocking these harmful rays from the sun, homes with Low E windows are better insulated and are able to keep your home cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter.

HERO glass is another option if you’re interested in noise control or protecting against forced entry. HERO glass is a laminated glass pane that resists shattering so you can have peace of mind during the stormy season. It also has an extremely high STC, or Sound Transmission Class, which means it cancels noise almost as well as it stops harmful debris and impacts from storms or intruders. HERO glass strengthens windows in order to help them protect against noise pollution, weather, UV rays, and even home intruders. 

Certified and Professional Team

At Acadian Windows, we will never cut costs on our end to get the job done. Our technicians have received top-of-the-line training to provide the best service and results. The moment you hire us for a window installation job, we’ll take care of everything, leaving you stress-free. With our cutting-edge technology, your house will have the best in windows. Our window installation experts are the best in their field, and they undergo continuing education so they can stay on the cutting edge of window technology. 

Reach out to us online today or give us a call so we can help give you the best windows in Kenner!