Finding the Best Vinyl Siding Company New Orleans Has to Offer

Finding the Best Vinyl Siding Company New Orleans Has to Offer

Have you been looking for the best vinyl siding company New Orleans has? If you’re getting ready to replace your siding, then you probably only want the best that New Orleans or the surrounding areas has to offer – and for good reason! As any homeowner knows, siding can make or break the look of a house, not to mention the safety reasons to invest in a good, local company. 

Why You Deserve the Best Vinyl Siding Company New Orleans Has

The Importance of Siding

The first and most important thing that siding does is protects your home, the house’s foundation, and of course, the precious content within. Siding can help you deal with the elements, be it rain, snow, powerful winds, extreme heat, and more. Good siding not only makes living in your home better, but it also helps with resale value if you’re thinking about selling your home sometime in the future. Siding can also have a visual element to it; since it makes up the majority of what people will see of your home, an attractive siding is naturally important to consider. 

You may need new siding if yours is starting to warp or if there is some pull away from the structure. This can be a sign that water and moisture – which there’s plenty of in New Orleans – could be getting behind the siding and causing damage from the other side. You may also be able to identify if you need new siding based on the inside of your house; if you see peeling paint or sagging wallpaper inside your home, that’s another sign that moisture has snuck in through falling siding.

With all these things in mind, it’s no wonder that vinyl siding has become one of the most popular choices for homeowners looking to update their homes. Vinyl siding is one of the cheapest options available on the market, and it usually comes with realistic-looking grain paneling that could be mistaken for wood, often with a low-gloss finish. It’s cheaper than most other options and requires minimal maintenance over the years. Fading and yellowing aren’t usually concerns for those with vinyl siding on their home, and rigidity shouldn’t be a problem if they’re properly installed by professionals like the workers at Acadian Windows are.

When it comes to vinyl siding, proper installation matters quite a bit for your investment to matter. You need to have a professional to make sure that your siding is put together correctly, otherwise, you’ll just have to replace it again in a few more years. That’s why Acadian Windows and Siding follows the Vinyl Siding Institute’s approved siding installation method – for us, it’s become not just an art, but also a science.

Important Questions For Contractors 

While it can feel overwhelming to reach out to a company at first, you can feel more confident by preparing ahead of time. While there are a few things you can do to make sure that you’ve chosen the best vinyl siding company New Orleans has, it all starts with asking the right questions. 

1.Where is your office located? How long have you been in business?

While a basic question, this is the easiest way to filter out a scam. An established contractor should have an office in your area, and if you’re not confident, look up the location or drive by just to make sure. When looking for a good contractor, it’s ideal to have someone in the community as you’re more likely to get skilled workers and quality products overall.

Acadian Windows is proud to be part of a long New Orleans tradition – our company owner, Craig Ricks, is a native to the city and a third-generation window installer. When we put in siding, we’re not just coming into town, putting up the fastest and cheapest stuff, and then leaving before it can fall apart. When we do work, we know it goes back into the community we live in and care for.

2.What kind of guarantees or warranties do you offer?

You should expect that the products being installed have some kind of warranty upon completion. Many kinds will start at a decade and can go up to 50 years – at Acadian Windows, our vinyl siding comes with a lifetime guarantee.

3.Besides siding, what else might you be replacing?

It’s likely that you may want to replace other items while doing a full siding installation. Asking this question can open a broader conversation about design and enhancing your home, allowing you to hear the contractor’s opinion on what else might need to be updated.

4.What are the pros and cons of vinyl siding in my area?

A true professional should be able to speak with you more in-depth about the perks of vinyl siding in your specific neighborhood and based on your house. You should be able to discuss all your siding options with someone who truly cares about the major decision you’re making. A good contractor will make sure you can feel comfortable knowing that you made the right choice with as much information available as possible.

5.What colors are available?

A great part of vinyl siding is the number of colors available. Unlike other siding companies, Acadian Windows has many different color options because New Orleans is a city with houses every color imaginable. We want our work to fit in with any aesthetic you’re looking for. 

Are You Ready to Purchase From the Best Vinyl Siding Company New Orleans Has to Offer?

It’s not a surprise that we consider Acadian Windows and Siding the best vinyl siding company New Orleans has. We’re professionals that believe in this city and the beautiful homes that make up the area. We’re proud to have been able to contribute to the long architectural history of the Crescent City. If you decide you don’t want vinyl siding, try vinyl windows! Vinyl windows are just as durable as vinyl siding and are great in Louisiana weather. If you want to know more about our vinyl siding services, contact us today!