Top Benefits of Fiberglass Doors

When it comes to choosing a material for your door, consider the benefits of fiberglass doors. Doors are a must for your household–they are the first point of contact when entering and exiting your home. When shopping for a new one, material is one of the most important considerations. Each material has its benefits, so it is up to you to decide which features are most beneficial to you. Here are the top 4 benefits of fiberglass doors.

Top 4 Benefits of Fiberglass Doors 

1. Achieve a Beautiful, Versatile Look

When you come across a door, you might wonder: “Is that mahogany? Oak? White pine?” As it turns out, what you could be looking at is not wood at all, but a fiberglass door. Fiberglass is one of the only materials that can disguise itself as something completely different. 

  • Durable beauty: Our authentic wooden look is achieved by using cutting-edge nickel vapor deposition technology–giving your door the beautiful finish it deserves while preventing any peeling in the future. At Acadian Windows and Siding, our craftsmen apply stains by hand, taking the time to nail that even finish for you. 
  • Custom stains and colors: With fiberglass’ beautiful finish, you’ll be sure to make a good impression. Another benefit of fiberglass doors is how easy it is to paint or stain. A fiberglass door is versatile–you can customize the color and finish to your preference. Additionally, you’ll have control over the size and decorative elements. 
  • Custom sizing: At Acadian Windows and Siding, we can size your fiberglass door to fit the dimensions of your particular door frame. If you are interested in customizing your door, check to see that your needs can be accommodated, as not all businesses can fit unique sizing. 

What’s even greater is that the benefits of fiberglass doors go beyond their aesthetic. Fiberglass not only looks the part but also surpasses the drawbacks of other materials like wood and steel. Keep reading to learn more about the functional benefits of fiberglass doors.

2. High Quality Allows for Low Maintenance

Today’s fiberglass doors rival wood ones for a reason. At first glance, a fiberglass door can look exactly like a wooden one, but upon closer inspection, you’ll find a handful of functional differences. Fiberglass comes with a durable build and finish.

  • Strong materials: Fiberglass is made from the same family of materials used to build some aircraft, luxury cars, and surfboards. Its glass-fiber-reinforced polymers provide a smooth, seamless surface that resists damage from temperature changes. When it comes to adding a stained finish, our craftsmen ensure an even coat by implementing state-of-the-art electrostatic paint application to ensure an even coat.
  • Durable finish: In comparison to painted doors, stained fiberglass doors are less likely to chip and lose their color over time. Instead, our oven-cured stains offer maximum beauty and durability. Your fiberglass door will stay attractive for years, meaning you won’t have to worry about any routine check-ups. 

3. Top-Notch Durability Protects Your Home

One of the top benefits of fiberglass doors is their durability and stability. While it’s easy to relish in the natural beauty and authenticity of wood doors, exterior doors made of wood can easily rot in the sun and rain without consistent upkeep. With fiberglass, you’ll be able to prevent mold, mildew, and other damages to your door that are less than ideal. That said, fiberglass does require little maintenance.

  • Temperature protectant: The durability of fiberglass doors comes from their ability to be temperature resistant. While the outer surface is strengthened by glass-fiber-reinforced polymers, the core is strengthened by polyurethane foam. This makes for effective insulation. When you use fiberglass doors, you can prevent sticking and molding in the summer and unwanted drafts in the winter. 
  • Weather protectant: When there is particularly hot or cold weather, fiberglass won’t shrink, swell, or stick like wood might. When there is excessive rain or moisture, fiberglass is resistant to rust or warping. 
  • Additional security: Fiberglass is also impact-resistant, making break-ins more difficult. With fiberglass doors, you can go to sleep at night knowing that you have that extra security, whether it be from extreme weather or unexpected activity. The fiberglass vainer will also do its part in blocking sounds.


4. Save on Energy Costs

Energy efficiency is a popular feature that homebuyers will flock to. Fiberglass doors are energy efficient, meaning they can save you costs on your energy bill. To get a clearer picture of how energy efficient fiberglass is in comparison to other materials, we compare R-values–a measure of how well a material can insulate temperature. 

  • Excellent insulation: A high R-value means that the material is more resistant to heat transfer. Fiberglass’ R-value is typically around an R-6 while wood’s R-value is typically around an R-2. Thanks to the insulating foam inside fiberglass it can provide better insulation. This means less heat gain in the summer and less heat loss in the winter.

Take a step towards reducing your carbon footprint with a fiberglass door while making your home comfortable at the same time. Fiberglass minimizes energy transfer, making for consistent temperatures, better sleep, and better protection of your belongings. 

Get Your Fiberglass Door With Acadian Windows

As you can see, fiberglass has a handful of enticing, attractive qualities. The benefits of fiberglass doors are plenty, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any drawbacks. You can supplement your search by comparing the benefits of fiberglass doors with that of wooden and steel doors. Remember to consider the cons of fiberglass doors along with the pros, and to select the material that offers the most affordable price range alongside the functionality that is most relevant to you. 

Whichever type of entry door you choose, Acadian Windows strives to skillfully turn your preferences into a reality. From project discovery and completion, we’ll keep your home’s best interest at the forefront. Our trained employees follow a documented process that is unique to your needs. To get a quote, fill out our online form and be sure to ask your sales consultant about your financing options.