Fiberglass vs Wood Doors: Which One Is Right for You

When deciding between fiberglass vs wood doors, it’s important to do your research and find the material that’s best for you. Luckily, we’ve done the hard part for you! Read on to learn more about the differences between wood and fiberglass doors. 

Fiberglass vs Wood Doors: What to Keep in Mind

No one door type is the best for every household- finding the material that provides the best balance for your home is key. Carefully consider the attributes of each door material to find the one right for you.

Wood Doors: Pros and Cons

Wooden doors offer a classic look to any home design and are made of a tried and true material that has been used for centuries. 


  • Aesthetics: While wood grain is often simulated by fiberglass and other materials, nothing beats the real thing. Whether you’re going for a rustic look or something more modern, a classic wood door can find its way into any aesthetic. 
  • Sound resistance: Wood naturally insulates sound! That means that noise from outside rarely finds its way through the door, and sounds emanating from inside your house rarely make it out. Wooden doors can insulate you from a noisy highway, or save your neighbors from listening to your teen’s drum solo. 
  • They’re rust-free: This may come as a surprise, but wood doesn’t rust! While it may seem obvious, rust is something you must consider when deciding between wooden doors or a metal-based material.


  • They’re prone to warping and sagging: Wood doors can last for a long period of time if they’re taken care of. If they’re not, however, wooden doors can warp or sag over time, creating an uneven seal in your doorway. In some more extreme cases, doors can warp to the point where they’re difficult to close or open. 
  • Price: In most cases, a quality wooden door can be pricey. While you can find wooden doors that are less expensive, it’s worth it to spend more and receive a quality door that will last for years. 
  • Maintenance required: As mentioned above, wood doors can be susceptible to warping and other disfigurements. To prevent this, it’s best to regularly provide maintenance to your wooden door. 

Fiberglass Doors: Pros and Cons

Fiberglass doors are often viewed as a more modern alternative to their wooden counterparts. Before settling on the fiberglass vs wood doors debate, read on to find out the pros and cons of fiberglass doors. 


  • Price: Fiberglass is, in most cases, a cheaper alternative to wooden doors. There are some expensive fiberglass doors on the market, but it’s not required that you spend big on a fiberglass door to secure its longevity, as opposed to wood.
  • Effort: Fiberglass doors, as opposed to wood, are a “set it and forget it” type of material. Once they’re in place, they don’t require much maintenance to keep them working properly. Every door of each type requires light maintenance on hinges and knobs, but you don’t need to do work to prevent a fiberglass door from warping or anything of the sort.
  • Energy-efficient: Fiberglass doors are much more energy-efficient than wood. Fiberglass doors offer several times the amount of insulation as wooden doors and should save your household energy.


  • Aesthetics: While aesthetics are always subjective, it’s worth mentioning that some styles of fiberglass doors are simply imitations of other materials. For example, fiberglass doors are often stained to imitate a wood grain look; they can get close, but they will never be the same as a real wooden grain. To help avoid this issue, Acadian Windows uses a 5th generation fiberglass skin that emulates the warmth and definition of real wood. This skin helps any difference between fiberglass and real wood negligible.
  • Sizing: Once manufactured, it can be difficult to trim fiberglass doors down to fit an oddly-shaped frame- luckily, Acadian Windows has you covered. We have the ability to cut down or grow our fiberglass doors to fit any frame size to fit your needs! While in most cases fiberglass doors are less customizable than wood, it’s still possible to get the door you want in the right size.
  • Installation: While wooden doors can be installed by anyone that knows how to use a drill, fiberglass doors are a little different. These door types are often sold as entire units and require a trained professional to install them. 

General Tips for Door Shopping

When considering fiberglass vs. wood doors, there are some other external factors you may want to keep in mind. 

The first is security: it’s been found that one-third of break-ins can be prevented simply by locking your doors. When purchasing a new door, you may want to consider any added fees that will be accompanied by installing security measures on your door. When buying the door you have in mind, will you have room remaining in your budget to invest in locks and other security devices?

Additionally, consider your climate. Is your region regularly under extreme temperatures, in which you’re going to rely on your door to insulate your home? Otherwise, are you in a region with more moderate temperatures, where insulation isn’t something you need to worry about as much?

Finally, consider installation. Are you able to install the door yourself, or will you need assistance? Certain door types are easier to install than others, and some are nearly impossible for homeowners to install themselves. If you value an easy installation, you might want to lean towards a wooden door; if ease of installation doesn’t matter to you, then fiberglass doors may be right for you. 

Finally, consider other material types. If you find that neither fiberglass nor wood doors are right for your household, do some research on other door types to find the right material- check out our blog on different types of doors.

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