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As this single-family home shows, we are the best Bay Minette windows company. At Acadian Windows in Bay Minette, our team offers new and replacement installations for doors and windows throughout Alabama. Whether you need windows for a fresh build, a renovation project, or in preparation for seasonal storms, we are your Bay Minette windows company. We supply carefully crafted, high-quality, energy-efficient vinyl windows to homeowners in the region. All windows in Bay Minette come with a lifetime warranty. We also install impact-resistant and noise-reduction windows.

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Vinyl Windows Bay Minette, Alabama

An example of our handiwork installing the best vinyl windows in Bay MinetteOur wide selection of affordable, durable vinyl windows provides homeowners in Bay Minette with many benefits. No matter the design, these windows are available in various colors and finishes that never need paint or stain. A unique formula that makes them resilient in any weather guarantees that the surface color resists fading from sunlight and heat. Additionally, easy-to-clean surfaces and modern styles make vinyl windows in Bay Minette, Alabama, the best renovation and remodeling investment for long-term curbside and resale appeal.

Our Window Replacement Bay Minette Services

Many older windows fail to provide proper ventilation or security. Accidents and people can shatter glass and destroy sashes and frames. Acadian Windows is the best option to replace your windows in Bay Minette. We offer modern vinyl windows designed for installation in any home. Whether you have a colonial, contemporary, cottage, craftsman, creole, French country, Mediterranean, ranch, or raised beach style commonly found locally throughout Baldwin County, we can supply matching replacements in styles that complement any structure.

Single Hung Windows

The single hung window is a more traditional window with a modern twist. The top fixed pane allows plenty of light indoors, while the bottom pane and sash slide up and down and tilt inward for ventilation. You can also quickly tilt the lower window, wipe away debris buildup, lock the pane, and sash back into position. Arch and other designs are also available because of the fixed-top glass.

Double Hung Windows

Most people are familiar with the more classic double hung window. The panes and sashes slide up and down on coil springs made of stainless steel. This solution also offers the modern tilting option to make cleaning easier than old-fashioned non-tilting versions.

2 Lite Slider Windows

If your home doesn’t have a lot of vertical space for a window, a modern 2 Lite Slider is the perfect ventilation and easy-to-clean design. The horizontal window frame features two panes with sashes that slide side to side instead of up and down.

3 Lite Slider Windows

A 3 Lite Slider supplies more see-through to the outside and light while maintaining airflow. The middle pane remains stationary while the right and left panes slide side to side. With this solution, you can personalize the three panes. We can install three panes of the same size or a larger middle pane with equal left and right panes.

Bay and Bow Windows

A bay or bow window creates extra space with a seat and a picture-style view of the outdoors. A bay window typically features three frames with single large panes, multiple smaller ones, or a mix that juts outward beyond the exterior wall. A curved bow window offers similar options with four or more frames. With each type, you can set up a reading or rest area with one or more cushions and throw pillows on a seat constructed of hardwood.

Casement Windows

Homeowners in Bay Minette don’t always need to choose between energy efficiency and stunning views or worry about ordering custom windows for narrow wall areas. A single-pane vertical casement window with a crank handle and swing-out design is the perfect solution. We can install a single standalone casement window or a picture window with two casement windows on the sides. We can also combine two or more casement windows in one spot. These windows promote the movement of fresh air and offer superior security via a foldaway handle, a tight seal, and an extra-secure locking system.

Garden Windows

If you frequently visit the local Bay Minette feed and seed garden centers or other locations that sell plants, you haven’t truly enjoyed gardening until you’ve set up a garden window. A garden-style window features a box of panes that allows plenty of light into a space designed with shelves for a potted mini garden of decorative plants or herbs. The box has a sloping pane roof to allow more light into the area on sunny days and carefully drain water off the window on rainy ones. A garden window also features a screen for welcoming a cool breeze, reducing heat and humidity, and airing out odors from a kitchen while cooking.


Impact Windows Bay Minette, AL

With an average annual precipitation of 68.9 inches of rain, Bay Minette experiences almost twice the national average and more wet weather than many areas of Alabama. A storm can bring light rain or a downpour with high winds. As locals know, Bay Minette is also always at risk for severe damage during hurricane season.

Impact windows, also known as impact-rated, impact-resistant, and hurricane windows, do more than safeguard property and prevent expensive window repairs after a storm. These tough panes, sashes, and frames guard against shattered glass.

Our impact windows protect people and pets with a coating that prevents broken shards of glass from shooting in all directions in high winds or after debris strikes the panes. Before installation, each window is tested and certified to meet code requirements for coastal building and national wind code standards. These windows also resist impacts from birds and sports-related projectiles and destructive blows from tools commonly carried by burglars.

The Top-Rated Bay Minette Windows Company

A customer’s home showcasing our outstanding Gulf Shores windowsAt Acadian Windows, the best Minette windows company, our caring team is proud to offer our top vinyl windows to meet your needs. We offer diverse styles for different home designs in the region and the highest-quality, energy-efficient, impact-resistant windows crafted to never shatter during even the worst storms. For more details or a windows Bay Minette consultation, call our office at (251) 297-5156 or fill out our contact form.