Tru Cedar

TruCedar® Steel Siding

“Siding to last a lifetime”

Steel Siding Features

Textured Definition and Dimension Natural wood grain texture provides a more authentic and attractive look for lasting curb appeal.

Lifetime Guarantee Engineered out of one of the strongest construction materials in the world, TruCedar® offers a Rust, Hail, and Fade Guarantee.

Lifetime Guarantee Water Management System. A continuous natural drainage plane preventing mold, rot, and moisture.

Lock and overlap ensures tight seams for reduced water penetration and a straight, clean appearance.

Stain and Corrosion Resistant CarbonTech90® Steel and SunMaster50® paint finish resists cracking, fire, termites, rust and decay.

Warp and Impact Resistant TruCedar® hides many imperfections of the wall and resists expansion/contraction, ensuring tight seams.

HD Woodgrain Finish A hybrid Kynar® two tone finish that adds depth and definition to your siding.

Simple Upkeep Spend your time enjoying your home and not up on a ladder repainting.

Steel Siding Styles

Single 6”

Single 6 offers about 25% more siding panel exposure on the wall than 4” siding and a narrower reveal than 8”, and can give a larger home a more modern look. It can be used as a whole house application or as an accent where wide lap panels are used to add visual weight.

Single 6” Dutch Lap

Dutch Lap was popular in the Mid-Atlantic region of the US during early settler days, but can be traced back to northern Europe. The dutch lap reflects the light that stands out when using darker colors. This grove improves strength, creates narrow revel lines that add visual interest and deeper shadow lines.

Single 8”

Single 8” (S8) offers a wide 8” exposure and can give a larger home a modern look. It can be used as a whole house application or as an accent where wide lap panels are used to add visual weight.

6” Board & Batten or Vertical Siding

6” Board & Batten or Vertical Siding offers a narrow 6” exposure with 3/4” battens which recreates historical charm and a rustic cedar look. Unlike the horizontal lines of lap siding, board and batten puts a visual emphasis on the vertical panels and creates a taller appearance for the home. Vertical siding is often used as an accent, but can be used on whole house applications. Accurately replicate the true board and batten look by alternating wide (10”) and narrow (6”) panels. Lap siding combined with board and batten can create a comfortable, rurally inspired look.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will steel siding rust?

TruCedar’s rust resistance comes from the galvanizing process, where steel is alloyed with zinc, a metal that is less likely to corrode. When steel is galvanized, it is submerged in molten zinc, and the subsequent chemical reaction permanently bonds the zinc to the steel. The zinc is more than just a sealant or coating for the steel – the zinc and steel are permanently bonded. The exterior layer is entirely zinc, inner layers are a mixture of zinc and iron, and the interior layer is pure steel.

Will TruCedar® fade?

TruCedar’s SunMaster50™ coating is one of the most advanced coatings available today and has excellent color performance. Although you will find that any siding product may fade under certain conditions, TruCedar’s lifetime limited warranty includes fade protection.

Can TruCedar® be damaged by hail?

Yes, although steel is much more durable than other siding materials, even TruCedar® can be dented by large hailstones. TruCedar® is remarkably hail resistant, and is backed by a Lifetime limited warranty with a 50 year limited hail protection warranty.

Will my TruCedar® siding need to be cleaned?

The average rainfall in most residential areas will keep the siding surfaces clean. We do recommend washing your TruCedar® siding every year, or more often as needed. For more information, please refer to the back of the warranty.

What if I have a problem with my TruCedar® siding?

If at any point you have a problem with your TruCedar® siding, please contact our Customer Service department by mail, phone, or electronically.

How does the cost of steel siding compare to other types of siding?

The overall cost of steel siding will save you money over the life of your home. Our steel siding is coated with our durable SunMaster50™ coating, an energy efficient coating with CoolWallPaint Technology.

How does the cost of new siding compare to the added resale value it provides?

Replacement of siding has long been considered one of the smartest investments you can make in the resale value of your home. New siding contributes to the home’s all-important curb appeal, and helps ease potential home buyers’ concerns about maintenance costs. New siding also makes an older home more comparable to a newer home, and therefore provides an excellent return on investment.

Can I change the color of my TruCedar® siding at some point?

Yes, TruCedar’s SunMaster50™ coating provides an excellent base for latex paint. If at any point you choose to change the color of your siding, simply repaint with any quality latex paint.

Is TruCedar® available in more than one profile?

Yes, we have one of the largest selections in the industry. You can choose from Single 8”, Single 6”, Single 6” Dutch Lap, Double 4”, Board & Batten 6”, or Board & Batten 10” profiles.

HD Woodgrain Colors: