Pergolas Zachary, Louisiana

Southern Louisiana is known far and wide for its sweltering summers. Sometimes you simply need a place to cool off after a long day in the sun. If the heat is hindering your ability to enjoy the outdoors, a pergola is the perfect option for you. Pergolas give you the shade you need without sacrificing your yard’s looks. If you live in Zachary, consider giving us a call at Acadian Windows and Siding so we can begin planning your new pergola.

Best Pergolas in Zachary

Pergolas Zachary

Pergolas from Acadian fit any outdoor space. Whether you want your pergola in your front yard, back yard, or porch, our qualified team at Acadian can bring you the exact pergola you need.

At Acadian, you can choose between classic and operable pergolas. The essential difference between these two styles is that operable pergolas have an opening and closing functionality that the classic pergolas lack.

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Zachary, Louisiana

By opening and closing functionality, we mean that the roof of your operable pergola can open and shut on command. You can also adjust the slant of the rafters, allowing you to let the perfect amount of sunlight through.

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Zachary

The ability to completely close your operable pergola gives you protection from surprise rain and oppressive sunlight. With operable pergolas, you have the benefits of a canopy and a classic pergola all-in-one.

Although classic pergolas don’t open or close, they look great while providing cool shade. Classic pergolas are influenced by Italian design staples and look best when surrounded by plants in a lush garden.

Both our classic and operable pergolas are made with high-durability materials guaranteed to last you for years and years. There’s no reason to sacrifice form for function, and at Acadian, you don’t have to!

Picking Pergolas in Zachary, Louisiana

We love our jobs at Acadian because we get to bring Zachary and the rest of the Gulf South the best outdoor living home improvements money can buy. Along with great products, we also give you the best customer service too. Our products are backed up with a lifetime warranty, so there’s never been a better time to transform your yard with a pergola from Acadian.

We’re ready to start your new pergola in Zachary. Contact us today to get a quote!