Pergolas Chalmette, Louisiana

If you live in Chalmette, you know that we have warm weather year round. Luckily for us, that means we miss out on the winter freeze that strikes the north each year, allowing us to use our yards no matter the season. However, sometimes our warm weather can swell uncomfortably hot. If the heat prevents you from enjoying the outdoors, Acadian is here to help. We offer pergolas that keep the summer heat at bay. They help you extend the use of your yard even longer and become the focal point of social gatherings. Continue reading to discover how Acadian brings you the best pergolas Chalmette has to offer.

Best Pergolas in Chalmette

Pergolas Chalmette

Depending on how you plan to use your outdoor space, you may consider a few different styles of pergola. Acadian has you covered with pergolas of all sizes custom-built to your specific needs. They can stand alone in the middle of your yard, or they can serve as an extension to your roof or awning. Our pergolas come with two functionalities.


Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Chalmette, Louisiana

Classic pergolas are exactly what they sound like: they provide you with a timeless charm along with vital summer shade. The rafters create shelter from the sun without blocking it completely, which means the temperature underneath stays perfect. On the other hand, operable pergolas feature rafters that can close like the blinds in your home. Using a slow motion motor, you can adjust to your liking the amount of sunlight that gets through the rafters.

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Chalmette

The rafters on operable pergolas can close completely, which means you can either have a little bit of shade or no sunlight at all—perfect for those days where the temperatures can reach well above 100 degrees.

As you may have guessed, our pergolas are more than customizable. They’re the strongest in the industry because they’re crafted with durable aluminum frames. When you combine durability with functionality, you’re left with a yard feature that lasts a long time with little maintenance. You’ll wonder how you lived without it!

Our pergolas are also inspired by the design of classic Italian columns, making them the complete package of versatility, durability, and style.

Picking Pergolas in Chalmette 

If you live in Chalmette and want to revitalize your outdoor space, don’t look any further than Acadian. With our unparalleled professionalism and customer service, we’ve maintained an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau for years and years.

Does your back yard need a facelift with a brand new pergola? We’re here to get it done. Contact us today to get started with your new pergola from Acadian Windows and Siding.