Made in USA Certified

Acadian Windows and Siding is proud to be Made in USA Certified. Our window products measure up to strict standards to ensure the highest quality and that the components, manufacturing, and assembly are truly made in America.

Some benefits of choosing windows and siding that are Made in USA Certified:

American Made

So many companies claim that their products are Made in America. But rather than manufacturing those products here, they outsource that work to factories in other countries, and assemble the finished product in America. All components of Acadian Windows are produced in the United States. That means we rely on American factories and American workers to make the best windows around.


American made products have a reputation for quality craftsmanship that holds up over time. The pride that manufacturers have in their work is evident at every step.


Safety and Quality

Acadian’s windows and siding are subjected to a number of tests and strict regulations before they are considered ready for market. We take pride in our products and assure that they are safely produced and of the highest quality.

Buying Local

When you make the choice to purchase products that are Made in USA Certified, you are not only supporting American workers and jobs, you’re helping to strengthen the American economy.