James Hardie Siding Thibodaux

James Hardie Siding Thibodaux

When it comes to James Hardie Siding, Thibodaux residents clearly have a preference for this world-class cement and fiber-based construction material over other, cheaper, and less robust substitutes. From gothic revival townhouses to fin de siecle mansions, Thibodaux houses are often finished with this popular siding product, with homeowners citing everything from its versatile aesthetic to its strong, all-weather performance as reasons for selecting it. 

With increasing hurricanes, floods, and extreme weather events, there’s never been a better time to replace your wood or vinyl siding with the high-quality, American made James Hardie variety, to ensure the maximum protection against flying tree limbs and the other debris which can turn into a missile during high winds.

Your James Hardie Siding Thibodaux Company

From reduced bills for your air conditioning in the summer months and corresponding heating savings in the winter through to a fresh and timeless new look for your property, there are endless reasons why James Hardie siding can be the perfect home improvement for you to make to your Thibodaux home. Whether your motivations are practical or aesthetic, it’s been a long-term goal or you’re just starting to consider it, read on to get a firm grasp of the benefits of James Hardie siding Thibodaux homeowners can look forward to.

A Robust Outer Shell for Your Home

Every year brings increasing volatile and violent storms to the Gulf Coast, and gravel, construction debris, tree limbs, and auto parts can be loosened and torn off, flying at speed through the air and causing untold damage to property and nature. Vinyl siding is easily dented, and older wood siding just lacks the structural integrity of James Hardie’s signature blend of fly pulp, ash, cement, and water. 

From falling trees to yard equipment, there are a lot of hard and potentially dangerous elements which can become airborne in a serious storm, and a strong and rigid exterior finish to your buildings is a sound long term investment, significantly cheaper than replacing walls or paying a contractor to repair the damage. 

Lower HVAC Costs

Cooling costs in the winter are rising, with increasingly hot and lengthy summers, and unprecedented freezes coming to characterize the winter months. An efficient and outdated finish on your house can lead to spiraling costs for everything from freon to gas. Retaining the ambient and comfortable temperature in your house with well-built, American-made walls will pay for itself very quickly, especially in the tropical South. 

That said, a house is only as well-insulated as its weakest point, and once you upgrade to James Hardie siding you’d be sensible to assess any older or weakened doors, windows, and roofing shingles also, to get the full benefit of your newly fitted James Hardie siding. 

Aesthetic Benefits

In addition to the overwhelming practical benefits of finishing your home’s exterior with a robust and tough material that will keep the desirable inside, and repel any flying debris, you should also consider the curb appeal, and more generally the enhanced aesthetic beauty of a house finished in James Hardie siding. Once painted, and assuming that the siding itself is fitted by an experienced professional with siding expertise, James Hardie siding will achieve a level of smartness and a visual appeal that ratty older vinyl and swollen wood will never manage. 

Because of its smooth, sleek texture, James Hardie siding holds paint well, resulting in an even, consistent surface with gloss or matte applications.  Regardless of the architectural style of the building, your preferred color scheme, or the size and shape of the structure, James Hardie siding is sure to enhance the visual appeal and resale value of your property, as well as sprucing it up for your own appreciation. 

Certified James Hardie Siding Thibodaux Team

Whatever your reasons for wanting to upgrade your property with the addition of James Hardie siding, Acadian Window is the go-to contractor for homeowners and businesses in the Gulf Coast looking to fit windows, doors, and siding to their Thibodaux buildings. A company with multiple generations of experience, and a dedicated, expert team that place the homeowner and their values at the center of their system, Acadian Windows and Siding is proud of its status as Louisiana’s premier siding and window company. 

If your workshop or camp, family home, or summer house could benefit from the James Hardie Siding, Thibodaux residents love to update their properties with, make contact today with the number one contractor in the area, and begin a consultation today. No siding job is too complex, for Acadian, and by the time your house has had America’s favorite siding product installed, you’ll be delighted by the savings to your HVAC bills, the visual appeal, and the robustness of your home.