James Hardie Siding Covington

James Hardie Siding Covington

The siding on your house in Covington is probably the single most significant contribution to the aesthetic appearance of your home and will define its character and curb apparel to a greater extent than any other element of your home’s exterior.

As well as determining the visual appeal of your house from the outside, the siding you select will also have serious and long-term effects on everything from heating and cooling bills every year to the impact of extreme weather events. In Covington,  you’ll quickly get the benefit of your investment in good quality James Hardie siding, built to last and expertly installed by the skilled craftsmen who work for Acadian Window and Siding.

James Hardie Siding for Your Home in Covington

James Hardie cement-fiber siding is the gold standard in siding choices, manufactured from fly ash, wood pulp, water, and cement, it is the toughest siding option on the market, and will outlast cheaper, flimsier alternatives like vinyl, or off-brand competitors. 

As well as cladding your Covington home in a robust and insulated material that will keep termites out, James Hardie siding adds a classy and pleasing visual finish to any house, and once painted, will result in a tasteful and enduring look. Check out the many styles we offer, and what to expect from our comprehensive and customer-oriented installation approach, and how our innovative financing options can work for homeowners in Covington. 

Unbeatable Quality of Materials

Covington homeowners know that hurricane season can be tough, the hot weather is sweltering, and the temperatures get surprisingly low in the colder months, so a sturdy and robust exterior is essential to keeping comfortable at home all your round. 

Whereas wooden siding is prone to swelling with moisture during the summer months and becomes a liability when it comes to termites, James Hardie siding stays consistent all year round and is left well alone by bugs. When expertly installed by our team of experienced experts, you can be confident in the knowledge that there is no better siding solution for your home on the north shore. 

The Benefits of James Hardie Siding

There is a robustness and enduring toughness to high-quality cement-fiber siding boards that have solidly positioned them as market leaders, and once painted, it will immediately transform your house, shed, barn or workshop into a magnificent building. You needn’t worry about the weather getting into your framing or insulation, and the cement-based composite which James Hardie siding is manufactured from is a world-class insulator, retaining the cold of your house in the summer, and keeping it during the colder times of the year. 

Paint applies well to James Hardie products, resulting in a smooth, even finish, and there’s a permanence and grandeur which just can’t be achieved with vinyl. No other siding products last for as long or deliver such a return on investment.  Enhancing the aesthetics, reducing your heating and cooling bills, and repelling the corrosive weather of the Gulf Coast, James Hardie siding is the external home cladding that will do the most for your home. 

James Hardie: America’s Siding 

Long praised as the manufacturer and distributor of the finest siding solutions in America, James Hardie fiber-cement siding boards have been used to finish 8 million homes across the nation, and are considered the finest materials on the market. From the industry press to the country’s many independent contractors, from homeowners in all fifty states to the hardware and home improvement stores, James Hardie has been praised as the ultimate in siding products. Make contact with one of the home improvement and construction experts at Acadian Window today, and be well on your way to installing the siding of your dreams onto your Covington home. 


Award Winning Team

Whatever your reasons for updating the look, feel, and energy performance of your home, you can be confident that the team of expert installers at Acadian Window and Siding will work quickly, professionally, and to a high standard of craftsmanship when you select them to fit your new siding. With years of experience working on construction projects throughout the Gulf Coast, our dedicated siding experts have the skills and background to install the siding on your Covington home. 

Regardless of the technical challenges of your home, the number of stories, the placement of windows, and the challenges with older framing, the crew who work on your James Hardie siding install will leave your house looking better than ever and capable of withstanding any Gulf weather which hits Covington while looking smart and new. 

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