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Seasonal storms, hurricanes, and other weather events in Slidell, LA can be devastating to homes and property in general. High winds, hail, rain, and flying debris are all significant threats to houses, especially to windows. How can you protect your home and the people and belongings inside it? Invest in the high-quality hurricane shutters Slidell residents can count on.

Broken windows are costly to replace. The longer they stay broken, the more damage there will be inside your house. What’s more, exposed glass and broken windows can be dangerous to your loved ones and leave you vulnerable to break-ins.

Hurricane shutters provide Slidell homeowners with robust protection from severe weather events. The right hurricane shutters will not only increase your security, but also your curb appeal, pride in your home, and your house’s resale value.

At Acadian Windows, we pride ourselves on offering the best hurricane shutters available. Our experts take care when installing shutters, treating your home like it’s our own. Keep reading to learn more or get in touch today by calling (985) 445-2790 or using our contact form.

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Why Choose Aluminum Hurricane Shutters for Slidell Homes?

Hurricane shutters in Slidell LA installed by Acadian WindowsLooking for a product that is lightweight, stylish, and able to stand up to harsh weather, accidents, and intruders? Aluminum hurricane shutters combine superior styling and durability. There are many benefits to using these hurricane shutters in Slidell, LA and the surrounding areas, including:

  • Heavy-duty material design uses robust aluminum construction for strength, durability, and reliable resistance to harsh weather conditions.
  • Lightweight aluminum provides strength without excessive weight, making them easy to open or close and reducing the load on supporting structures.
  • Modern and classic styling and finishes are easily applied to aluminum shutters, giving you enough choice to suit a wide range of home decor types.
  • Maintainable design and construction means the effort you need to put into caring for your storm shutters will be both simple and infrequent.
  • Improved home security helps ensure greater protection for your home and family from natural events and intruders alike.

At Acadian Windows, we only offer aluminum hurricane shutters to make sure our customers are well-protected. Our shutters are produced using high-quality manufacturing processes and installed by experienced professionals in the field.

Our Colonial Hurricane Shutters

A popular choice among our selection of premium aluminum shutters, colonial hurricane shutters are an attractive option for Slidell homeowners. With hinges on the outermost edge, colonial shutters open and close easily by swinging them outward or inward with little effort. Their straightforward hinge design and mounting provide the greatest available view outside with the greatest ease of use.

Colonial hurricane shutters are an elegant solution to both weather protection and home beautification. Further, the slanted slats making up the body of the shutters are mounted at an angle, allowing sunlight during the day while providing privacy when you need it. These high-quality shutters come with all the style, beauty, durability, and security you would expect from any premium addition to your home’s exterior.

Our Bahama Hurricane Shutters

Taking their name from the Caribbean islands from which they are derived, Bahama hurricane shutters offer styling unique to the region. They also possess strength and durability on par with our other aluminum shutters. This style of storm shutter has become a staple in Louisiana home decor, which is why they’re one of the most popular hurricane shutters Slidell residents choose. With top-mounted hinges, Bahama shutters are opened and closed by pushing or pulling the lower edge of the frame. They are secured in the open position using articulated arms that easily pop out and return to their original position.

When not in use, these shutters angle back against the window frame. While they obstruct the view outside more than other shutter styles, they provide excellent shade, rain cover, and a one-of-a-kind look that homeowners love. When opened, these shutters provide ample shade while allowing the breeze to flow. For those with a taste for Bahamas-derived exterior decoration, they are a must-have.

Our Board and Batten Hurricane Shutters

For those who want the strongest hurricane shutters available, board and batten hurricane shutters are the clear choice. Offering exceptional damage resistance and security, these hurricane shutters also provide an unobstructed view outside or complete privacy and shade inside. The minimal gaps between their panels make them especially protective and private when closed. Board and batten shutters are also an excellent match for many exterior design motifs.

These high-quality hurricane shutters are the strongest ones we carry. They attach to the outer edge of your windows in the same way that colonial shutters do, making them easy to open and close. Also like the colonial design, they open and close fully. This gives you a completely unobstructed view when open or privacy when closed. For homeowners who want the ultimate in protection and privacy with the ability to enjoy the view, board and batten are ideal.

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Benefits of Hurricane Shutters Slidell, LA Residents Love

Hurricane shutters are a perfect way to enhance the exterior of your home while adding storm protection and security. During hurricane season, they are invaluable. The rest of the year, they are simply beautiful.

But there are still more reasons to invest in hurricane shutters. Consider these top reasons to get hurricane shutters in Slidell:

  • Protect windows and property within your home during mild, moderate, or even severe weather events.
  • Improve curb appeal and boost the resale value of your home.
  • Make your home more energy efficient year-round through better wind and light management.
  • Help protect your home against crime, including theft, invasion, or vandalism, as well as from the damage storms can cause.
  • Add beauty and privacy to your home with hurricane shutters.
  • Enjoy additional protection from exterior noise from traffic, landscaping equipment, and other noise pollution.

What are the disadvantages of hurricane shutters?

For some, the initial one-time purchase and installation cost could be considered a disadvantage of hurricane shutters. The cost can feel higher when it’s paid upfront. But keep in mind that hurricane shutters often last decades and can even reduce your insurance costs and improve your home’s value.

Another inconvenience to getting hurricane shutters is the need to open and close them in order to benefit from them. Shutters must be closed to offer protection during storms and opened to let air and sunlight inside. But with lightweight aluminum hurricane shutters, it should be easy to open and close them.

Most often, any disadvantages to high-quality hurricane shutters will be negligible compared to the benefits. By getting hurricane shutters in Slidell where hurricanes are common, you can reduce the likelihood of storm damage while also adding home equity, improving energy efficiency, hindering criminal activity, and more.

Are hurricane shutters worth the investment?

A brick house in Slidell with hurricane shutters from Acadian WindowsAs mentioned above, a good set of hurricane shutters will save you money on the massive amounts of damage that storms can cause. Broken glass, damaged property, water damage, and more are all predictable results of leaving windows unprotected in a storm.

Hurricane shutters also have the potential to prevent property damage caused by vandalism, home invasion, and other willful harm. They can also be leveraged for their ability to reduce home insurance costs.

All these cost-saving benefits can more than cover the price of purchase and installation, sometimes even within the course of a single season. Results will vary, but over time, Louisiana residents generally find hurricane shutters to be a cost-effective solution.

When should I install hurricane shutters in Slidell, LA?

Strictly speaking, the ideal time to install hurricane shutters in Slidell is before the next hurricane strikes the area. Along the Gulf coast, hurricane season is considered to run from the first of June through the end of November. But the highest risk in Slidell and the rest of Louisiana is from the first of August through the end of October.

With that in mind, it’s a good idea to install hurricane shutters before June if possible and definitely before August. Of course, it’s never too early for Slidell homeowners to enjoy all the other benefits of hurricane shutters.

Are hurricane shutters better than storm windows?

Hurricane shutters and storm windows both provide exterior protection from severe weather for your windows. But while hurricane shutters can add to the style of your home, the best storm windows should go unnoticed. If you’re looking to protect your windows from the outside, we recommend hurricane shutters as an attractive, cost-effective solution.

If you want to reinforce your glass, we recommend getting impact windows over storm windows. Rather than putting another window in front of your glass, get impact-resistant glass. You can still add a layer of extra protection outside with hurricane shutters to get the best of both worlds. To learn more about these options, read our blog post.

What is the best type of hurricane shutter for Slidell homes?

Here at Acadian Windows, we carry aluminum hurricane shutters that are specifically designed to be exceptionally resistant to wind and impact damage. Aluminum offers you durability, style, ease of use, and more, which is why we believe it’s the best type of hurricane shutter on the market.

Of course, our aluminum hurricane shutters come in several different styles. Use the quick guide below for reference.

Hurricane Shutter Type Strength Visibility Outside Unique Appearance Shade Air Flow
Colonial Shutters Good strength Best visibility Good appearance Good shade Best air flow
Bahama Shutters Good strength Good visibility Best appearance Best shade Good air flow
Board and Batten Shutters Best strength Best visibility Good appearance Good shade Good air flow

In many cases, the best choice of hurricane shutters for Slidell residents depends on the style of your home. We recommend that you choose based on the attribute that is most important to you, whether that is strength, visibility, appearance, shade, or air flow.

Will hurricane shutters save me money on insurance?

According to a report by NBC News, investing in storm-safe windows or hurricane shutters is one of the most important ways homeowners can reduce their home insurance costs. Of course, you not only have the chance to lower your insurance premiums but also lower your risk of incurring expensive storm-related damages.

Whether or not your insurance gives you a discount, it’s important to stay safe every year during hurricane season. Many will choose to get the high-quality, cost-effective hurricane shutters Slidell residents can rely on for protection. With that in mind, if your insurance company does not recognize the security benefits of hurricane shutters, you might consider shopping around for one that does.

Will hurricane shutters improve the value of my home?

A house with our colonial hurricane shutters in Slidell, LouisianaJust as every insurance carrier may not recognize the value of hurricane shutters in Slidell, not every potential home buyer will either. However, that does not mean a quality set of hurricane shutters won’t enable you to raise the asking price of your home. In fact, many Louisiana homeowners do just that.

Hurricane shutters are an effective way to increase resale value. Of course, they will also help to retain the resale value of your home by reducing the impact of storm damage, vandalism, and break-ins. In the end, you are sure to save significant amounts of time and money in a number of ways by installing quality aluminum shutters.

How long can I expect hurricane shutters to last in Slidell?

Traditional hurricane shutters made from wood with metal hardware can be expected to last 10 to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. That’s not bad, but aluminum hurricane shutters from Acadian Windows are likely to last 20 to 35 years. These shutters can be in your home longer than you are! This is because aluminum is both tougher than wooden shutters and resistant to corrosion, especially with regular care.

Will my hurricane shutters keep the heat out?

If used properly, the right set of hurricane shutters can improve the energy efficiency of your home, reduce your utility bills, and make everyone more comfortable inside. When it’s hot, you can close your shutters or angle them to let in less sunlight. If a breeze would be enough to help cool your home in milder temperatures, you can open your shutters and the windows they protect. Every little bit helps in the Louisiana heat, which is why we recommend investing in hurricane shutters Slidell residents can benefit from whether it’s storming or sunny out.

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