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Get the Best Hurricane Shutters in New Orleans from Acadian Windows

As we all know in New Orleans, hurricanes can cause devastation to your home. Exterior shutters are one of the first lines of defense to help protect your home from the elements and keep your family safe. Do you have hurricane shutters New Orleans homes can count on?

Our local experts are ready to help you find the New Orleans hurricane shutters that will protect your house, match its style, and make it easy for you to use and maintain them. We offer top-quality aluminum hurricane shutters in colonial, Bahama, and board and batten styles, as well as a wide range of colors and finishes. With our professional installation, you can rest assured that your hurricane shutters are secure and ready for the next storm.

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Hurricane shutters New Orleans homeowners love come from Acadian, just like this set of colonial shutters.

Our Aluminum Hurricane Shutters

A yellow house with blue Bahama hurricane shutters in New Orleans, installed by Acadian WindowsAt Acadian Windows, we offer high-quality aluminum hurricane shutters that provide excellent protection for houses across Louisiana. There are many reasons why we recommend aluminum hurricane shutters in New Orleans homes, including:

  • Heavy-duty components and materials make aluminum hurricane shutters durable enough to withstand extreme weather conditions.
  • Still lightweight and easy to use, aluminum hurricane shutters can open and close easily.
  • Modern styles and finishes can be applied to aluminum hurricane shutters, so they can complement and enhance the look of your home.
  • Low maintenance hurricane shutters such as these tend to be more convenient and popular among homeowners.
  • Long-term affordability is another advantage of aluminum hurricane shutters over weaker materials like wood, which will require more repairs and faster replacement.
  • Enhanced security is a benefit of aluminum hurricane shutters both in and out of hurricane season, keeping you safe from high winds, rain, and flying debris as well as home intruders.

Our Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters are hinged on the sides of your windows, as shown here

Our colonial hurricane shutters are a popular choice for homeowners in New Orleans who want to protect their homes without sacrificing aesthetic appeal. These shutters are hinged on the outside edges of your windows. Simply push them outward if you want to open the shutters and pull them inward to close the shutters.

Colonial hurricane shutters provide an elegant solution to a common problem in New Orleans. With their range of colors and designs, they can look great while also offering significant protection against tropical storms, hurricanes, and even forced entry. Unlike some other shutter styles, they also allow for an unobstructed view through your windows when they are not in use.

Our Bahama Hurricane Shutters

As shown here, our aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters use arms to prop open at the bottom

Named after the Caribbean island nation of the Bahamas, these are hurricane shutters New Orleans homes use often for their durable protection and attractive Caribbean influence. Hinged at the top of your windows, Bahama hurricane shutters are opened by popping out arms at the bottom of your windows, which connect to the shutters.

When not in use, Bahama hurricane shutters are angled back against the house and provide shade for your home. These shutters are an excellent option not only for storm protection, but for reducing light, UV rays, and heat entering through your windows. At Acadian Windows, we offer an extensive range of colors and designs to match the style of your home.

Our Board and Batten Hurricane Shutters

As shown here, aluminum board and batten hurricane shutters use solid panels to offer a superior level of protection

If you’re looking for exceptionally strong and solid hurricane shutters in New Orleans, our aluminum board and batten hurricane shutters will deliver! Unlike other styles, these shutters have little to no gaps between their panels. This makes them an excellent source of protection from strong winds, heavy rain, airborne debris, and more. Board and batten hurricane shutters also come in a range of colors and designs, so they can add curb appeal as well as protection to your home.

Board and batten hurricane shutters are attached on the outside edges of your windows. Once any latches or bolts are unlocked, these shutters swing open on the sides and can be pulled in to close them. With little to no gaps in these shutters, you also have less light coming through. This makes board and batten hurricane shutters an ideal option for blocking UV rays and increasing privacy in your home, as well as providing reliable storm protection.

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Benefits of New Orleans Hurricane Shutters

Hurricane shutters are a smart addition to any home in New Orleans, especially in preparation for hurricane season. Still not sure if you should buy hurricane shutters in New Orleans? Take a look at some of the benefits below or keep reading to get more questions answered in our FAQ.

  • Protect your windows and the inside of your home from hurricanes and other storms
  • Contribute to the look and feel of your home with stylish shutters
  • Conserve energy by reducing light and heat entering your windows when your shutters are closed
  • Secure your home against theft, vandalism, and other crimes
  • Gain additional privacy around your windows
  • Create a noise barrier against sounds outside your home

We provide numerous sizes to outfit your windows with properly installed hurricane shutters. Get in touch with our team today about installing the hurricane shutters New Orleans homeowners love!

What Is the Difference Between Hurricane Shutters and Decorative Shutters?

There are several key differences between hurricane shutters and decorative shutters to keep in mind:

  • Purpose: Hurricane shutters are specially designed to protect windows from damage during a severe storm or hurricane. They act as a physical barrier against the outside elements, preventing wind, rain, and debris from entering your home. Decorative shutters, on the other hand, are purely for aesthetic purposes and do not offer significant protection against the weather.
  • Materials: Because hurricane shutters are made to withstand high winds, heavy rain, and airborne debris, they are made from durable, weather-resistant materials like aluminum. Decorative shutters are made to look good without worrying about holding up against storms, so they may use cheaper, flimsier materials.
  • Style: As with the materials they use, the styles available for your shutters will depend on their purpose. Colonial, Bahama, and board and batten styles offer a great combination of coverage and curb appeal. While you can find decorative shutters in these styles, you can also find hurricane shutters in these attractive styles. For purely decorative shutters, you may find some additional styles that are not used for hurricane shutters because they are too exposed or frail to be effective in harsh weather.

Why Do New Orleans Houses Have Hurricane Shutters?

An example of New Orleans hurricane shutters installed by Acadian Windows on a shotgun houseHurricane shutters have been a common feature in New Orleans homes for generations due to the region’s susceptibility to strong storms and hurricanes. Windows represent a weak spot in your house, with glass windows being far more fragile than your doors, roof, or siding. Even if everything else around your home is secure, it just takes one broken window to let in destructive wind and rain. This can cost you hundreds if not thousands of dollars in damages.

But New Orleans is known for so much more than the devastating storms it faces. Our city is full of life, color, and culture, and we express that in our homes more than most other places in the U.S. While their primary purpose is functional, New Orleans hurricane shutters also need to be attractive, expressive, and useful on a daily basis.

Our hurricane shutters in New Orleans are easy to open whenever you need to let in a breeze and close whenever you want more shade and insulation inside. With a wide range of colors, finishes, and styles, they can also have a look as unique and beautiful as the rest of your home.

Are Hurricane Shutters Worth It for New Orleans Homeowners?

Hurricane shutters are absolutely worth it for New Orleans homeowners, and we speak from experience! Just as you invest in a roof over your head or a lock on your door, hurricane shutters are a critical part of keeping your home, family, and belongings safe.

Consider the costs of hurricanes that have hit New Orleans in the past:

With a variety of high-quality aluminum hurricane shutters available, homeowners can choose the best option for their budget and needs. This way, you can choose the right shutters that are worth the price and don’t sacrifice on the features or style you want.

Which Type of Hurricane Shutters Are Best in New Orleans?

If you live in New Orleans and want to protect your home from potential hurricane damages, you’re right to consider installing hurricane shutters. The best type of hurricane shutters in New Orleans will offer you uncompromising quality and protection, while also remaining attractive and adding to the value of your home.

At Acadian Windows, we firmly believe that aluminum hurricane shutters offer the best benefits in New Orleans. They’re strong against storms but lightweight and easy for anyone in the family to use. They also require little maintenance and can hold up for many years, making them a solid investment. These are hurricane shutters New Orleans homeowners of all backgrounds and skill sets can use with ease.

When it comes to making them your own, aluminum hurricane shutters support a range of styles and finishes:

  • Colonial hurricane shutters are a classic choice that offer great protection while still letting in a little light and opening up to a full view outside.
  • Bahama hurricane shutters put a tropical twist on your shutter style and create a more unique look, using a strong closing mechanism designed to keep out the elements.
  • Board and batten hurricane shutters create a rustic look that complements traditional homes while shutting out as much light, wind, and rain as possible with their solid design.

Ultimately, the best hurricane shutters for your New Orleans home will depend on your specific needs and preferences. Contact Acadian Windows to speak with an expert and determine which type of hurricane shutter is best for your house.

What Is Better: Impact Windows vs Hurricane Shutters in New Orleans?

Impact windows and hurricane shutters are both important facets of protecting your windows during hurricane season in New Orleans. Impact windows are designed to withstand the force of a hurricane, but they can still be damaged by flying debris and high winds. Hurricane shutters, on the other hand, offer an extra layer of protection against airborne debris and strong winds outside of your windows. Both provide additional benefits, such as increased energy efficiency, noise reduction, and protection from intruders.

One advantage of impact windows is that they don’t require any extra steps to install before a storm or remove afterward. They are a permanent fixture in your home, so you never have to remember to make sure they’re set up before a storm hits. You will also benefit from their energy savings, noise reduction, and security on a daily basis.

Hurricane shutters, on the other hand, can be a more cost-effective option for homeowners. They also come in many different shapes, sizes, colors, and styles, allowing them to contribute to your home’s aesthetic. If you decide to change them out or take them down in between storms, they can be removed and reinstalled as needed.

Ultimately, the decision between impact windows and hurricane shutters depends on your personal preferences, budget, and level of protection needed. If you’re looking for the strongest possible security against storms, you can install both impact windows and hurricane shutters to achieve even greater protection together. Fortunately, Acadian Windows offers both impact windows and hurricane shutters, making us a convenient one-stop shop for all of your needs.

For more information, read our blog post about impact windows vs hurricane shutters.

At What Point Do You Put Up Hurricane Shutters in New Orleans?

The best time to put up hurricane shutters in New Orleans is before hurricane season starts. Hurricane season runs from June 1 to November 30 here. If you want to put up and take down your shutters in between storms, then you should install them as soon as you receive a tropical storm or hurricane watch or warning.

Homeowners sometimes install hurricane shutters incorrectly, which can negatively impact their effectiveness. If you are putting up and taking down hurricane shutters yourself, make sure they are installed properly. If you can’t be sure, it’s better not to risk the damages. There’s nothing worse than having invested in hurricane shutters just to have them fail due to human error.

With Acadian Windows, you never have to worry about low quality materials or improper installation. Our experts take pride in their work and will carefully install your shutters. We ensure that everything is functioning correctly so you’re well-protected with hurricane shutters New Orleans homeowners can trust during storm season.

How Much Do Hurricane Shutters Save on Insurance in New Orleans?

In some cases, hurricane shutters and other storm protection efforts can actually lower your insurance costs. Having hurricane shutters may be able to save you 8–10% on your insurance premiums. In New Orleans and the rest of Louisiana, there are incentives to encourage storm mitigation, including state tax deductions and insurance premium discounts.

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