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When the high winds, heavy rain, and flying debris from hurricanes hit, are you prepared? Baton Rouge may be a bit further inland, but the city has still seen its share of damaging winds and flooding from hurricanes. If you want to rest assured when hurricane season hits, you need the top hurricane shutters Baton Rouge has to offer.

Let our experienced local team help you select the right hurricane shutters for your needs. We install durable, stylish, and maintainable products that suit a wide range of preferences. Our selection of high-quality aluminum shutters includes several styles to enhance your home’s aesthetics as well as its hurricane protection, with Bahama, board and batten shutters, and colonial shutters Baton Rouge loves in a range of colors.

If you want to improve your home’s security against storms, we’re here to help. We pride ourselves on our expertise in providing the best hurricane shutters for Baton Rouge homes. With our highly rated professional installation and customer service, we make sure the process is a breeze.

Learn more about our Baton Rouge hurricane shutters below or contact us today to make sure you’re protected before the next major storm arrives.

An example of the hurricane shutters Baton Rouge homes can rely on, installed by Acadian Windows on this local house

Why We Use Aluminum Hurricane Shutters in Baton Rouge

For those wondering do you need shutters in Baton Rouge for hurricane protection, these aluminum hurricane shutters installed on a local house demonstrate their attractive design and ease of useWith the risks of high winds from hurricanes in Baton Rouge, aluminum shutters from Acadian Windows offer great protection. When it comes to hurricane shutters, aluminum is a smart choice for many reasons:

  • Since aluminum is light, these shutters are easy to open and close quickly.
  • Aluminum is thick enough to maximize durability and protect homes from damaging winds.
  • Designed for minimal maintenance, these shutters are convenient for all homeowners.
  • Aluminum shutters provide year-round enhanced protection from debris, rain, and wind.
  • In comparison with wood and some other types of materials, aluminum is stronger and lasts longer.
  • With a modern finish applied to them, aluminum shutters can improve a home’s aesthetic appeal.

Overall, aluminum is a practical choice for long-term affordability, ease of use, and durability. Although our aluminum hurricane shutters have the same visual appeal as decorative shutters, they’re much stronger and are specifically designed for regions like Baton Rouge that are affected by hurricanes. Acadian Windows offers beautiful aluminum shutters for all styles of homes in Baton Rouge.

Our Colonial Hurricane Shutters

Colonial hurricane shutters are hinged on the sides of your windows, as shown here

Colonial hurricane shutters have a timeless look that reflects the style of early New England homes. However, they’re versatile enough to look good on French, Creole, Acadian, and other styles of homes that are common in Baton Rouge. With plenty of colors and designs to consider, you have many ways to improve your home’s curb appeal and add a touch of classic elegance while protecting yourself against storms.

These shutters are hinged to the outer edges of your windows. When they’re open, they enhance the look of your windows. If there’s a severe weather threat, simply push your colonial hurricane shutters inward to close them. Their design ensures that you won’t have anything blocking your view from the window when the shutters are open. In addition to preventing damage from severe weather, the colonial shutters Baton Rouge trusts can help reduce break-in risks when they’re closed.

Our Bahama Hurricane Shutters

As shown here, our aluminum Bahama hurricane shutters use arms to prop open at the bottom

True to the Caribbean look that earned them this name, Bahama hurricane shutters have a unique appearance. Unlike most shutters that rest along the sides of windows when they’re open, these shutters sit over the window and pop outward when they’re open. They’re hinged at the tops of windows and have arms on the bottom part that limit the distance they can open. If you’re searching for the best unique-looking hurricane shutters Baton Rouge residents can find, you may be happy with Bahama shutters.

When Bahama shutters are open, they still provide some shade. They can help reduce the amount of heat and UV rays that come in through your windows as well. Bahama hurricane shutters look great on many styles of new and older homes in Baton Rouge, and Acadian Windows offers several colors and options to suit your personal tastes and needs.

Our Board and Batten Hurricane Shutters

As shown here, aluminum board and batten hurricane shutters use solid panels to offer a superior level of protection

If you’re looking for extremely durable, no-nonsense shutters, the board and batten hurricane shutters from Acadian Windows won’t disappoint. Although their top benefit is practicality, their design is still attractive and classic. These shutters don’t have the small gaps in them that other popular styles feature. This makes them a top choice for protecting your home from damaging winds and all the debris they bring. Also, when these shutters are closed, they let in less heat, light, and UV rays than shutters with gaps. That advantageous design can mean more privacy as well.

With its old-world charm, the board and batten style is versatile enough to fit with everything from rustic to elegant home styles. As with our other hurricane shutter styles, we offer a variety of color and design choices for board and batten shutters. These shutters allow for an unobstructed view from your window. When they’re open, they rest on either side of the window and are hinged on the outer sides of it. If you need to close them, simply push them inward toward the window.

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Do You Need Shutters in Baton Rouge for Hurricane Protection?

Although many longtime residents of Baton Rouge have experienced the effects of hurricanes, some people who are newer to the area may be unfamiliar with the disastrous damage hurricanes leave. When a storm approaches, they may ask, “Do you need shutters in Baton Rouge for hurricane protection?” In short, the answer is yes, it is advisable to use hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge.

Consider these recent incidents in Baton Rouge’s past:

The good news is that in comparison to people from some other areas, residents of Baton Rouge were more prepared during Hurricanes Katrina and Rita. However, many people still don’t have reliable hurricane shutters. At Acadian Windows, we hope to change that and help protect Baton Rouge homes from hurricanes to come.

Benefits of Hurricane Shutters in Baton Rouge

A brick home with both Bahama and colonial style hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge

With Baton Rouge at risk of damage from high winds, installing hurricane shutters is a sensible choice. Strong winds can blow in dirt, rain, and debris that can damage your house’s interior. To make matters worse, strong wind gusts that break windows and go through homes can create enough upward pressure to tear off the roof and cause severe structural damage.

In addition to the storm protection benefits of getting hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge, these are some perks of having them installed:

  • More peace of mind during severe weather
  • Added protection from break-ins while away
  • Improved noise reduction
  • Added privacy for windows
  • Improved energy savings from less heat and light entering

With professional installation from Acadian Windows, you also have the assurance that your new hurricane shutters are set up properly. Our team takes great care with our installation for the safety of your family and your home.

Do you need shutters in Baton Rouge for hurricane protection?

Yes, we strongly recommend using hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge to protect your home. If you want to reduce the risk of damage to your windows, roof, and interior, then hurricane shutters are an excellent choice.

Are hurricane shutters worth the investment?

If debris, rain, and dirt enter your home during a storm, the cost to clean up the mess can be immense. The strong wind currents alone can cause severe damage to your house’s roof and structure, resulting in costly repairs. In comparison with the cost of having high-quality hurricane shutters professionally installed, the potential cost of not having reliable shutters is significantly higher.

Does adding hurricane shutters increase home value?

According to FEMA, some types of storm shutters can increase a home’s resale value. The amount may depend on the type you choose. Buyers in Baton Rouge in particular may be more attracted to a home if they see that it has hurricane shutters, giving them peace of mind about the house’s hurricane protection. Our team will be happy to discuss different shutter styles with you if one of your top goals is attracting potential buyers.

How much do hurricane shutters help people save on insurance?

The specific amount saved on insurance costs can vary based on different insurers and other factors. According to recent research, adding hurricane shutters to your home may help you save between 8% and 10% on your insurance premiums. In Louisiana, there are also incentives to protect against storm damage, which may affect the hurricane shutters Baton Rouge homeowners choose.

Which type of hurricane shutters are best?

Aluminum is the clear winner when it comes to the best type of material for hurricane shutters. Aluminum shutters are affordable, lightweight, easy to use, and require little maintenance. With few to no gaps for rain and wind to get through, one of the best aluminum hurricane shutter styles for improved protection is board and batten. However, other styles like colonial and Bahama are durable as well. Our team will be happy to help you find the best type for your style preferences and other needs.

Are impact windows or hurricane shutters better?

The right choice for each person depends on budget, style preferences, maintenance concerns, and similar issues. Impact windows were constructed with the same technology used for vehicle windshields, which makes them very durable. They’re resistant to high winds and debris during hurricanes. Despite that, they’re not completely immune to damage from flying debris.

While impact windows also have the benefits of reducing outside noise and energy costs, they’re more expensive than hurricane shutters. However, they don’t require the setup steps that shutters do before a storm. Acadian Windows provides both hurricane shutters and impact windows, and we can discuss them with you to help you decide. If you want the highest protection, we can install both.

What are some disadvantages of hurricane shutters?

The possible disadvantages depend on the type of hurricane shutters you choose. For example, wood shutters can break easier and are more prone to rotting or destructive damage from pests. Metal shutters can be noisy. Some styles can limit light or partially block your view. For instance, Bahama shutters may not be advantageous to you if you like natural light and an unobstructed view. Colonial or board and batten shutters that rest on either side of the window don’t have those disadvantages when they’re open.

If you need to shelter in place during a storm, board and batten shutters may block out all outside light. This may mean that you need to use a generator or more alternative energy sources to have light inside. Since there are multiple styles and options, you may limit potential disadvantages by choosing the durable aluminum hurricane shutters Baton Rouge homes need and taking your own personal preferences into account. Overall, the advantages of protecting your home outweigh any disadvantages of hurricane shutters.

When should you put up hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge?

The National Weather Service says that people should put up their shutters whenever a hurricane or tropical storm warning or watch is issued, which is usually 1–2 days before severe weather arrives. However, it’s better to be prepared by putting them up at the start of the hurricane season, which is June 1 in Baton Rouge.

Get the Top Hurricane Shutters Baton Rouge Residents Can Buy

Baton Rouge hurricane shutters such as these can enhance the look of your home and increase its valueIf you’re looking for hurricane shutters you know you can trust when high winds hit Baton Rouge, our local experts will help you find exactly what you need. In addition to providing quality products and professional installation, we pride ourselves on our dedication to excellent customer service. We’ll treat your home with the same respect and care that we’d treat our own. Your safety and satisfaction are our top priorities.

If you have any questions about hurricane shutters in Baton Rouge, our team is happy to assist you. You can get to our Destrehan LA showroom from Baton Rouge via I-10E. Please get in touch with us at your convenience by calling (225) 757-5717 or by filling out our contact form.