Doors Baton Rouge, LA

Doors Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Looking for doors Baton Rouge residents love as much as their LSU Tigers? Acadian Windows and Siding provides statement doors that welcome guests every football season. Even when the season is over, Acadian can amplify your home’s appearance with a variety of doors, styles, and configurations as your Baton Rouge door company. 

Our name references windows and sidings, and we’re proud to offer high-quality Baton Rouge windows and siding. But those are not the only services we contribute to Baton Rouge residents. Our city is a delightful mixture of styles and cultures, no two houses will look the same. If you’re looking to replace your doors, you’ll be in need of a team that is flexible and multi-skilled. Acadian’s team of skillful experts perform many different home improvement services. 

Baton Rouge residents depend on Acadian Windows and Siding for strikingly beautiful doors and convenient customer service. Your new door is guaranteed to bring your home to life while preserving your family’s safety and energy.

How Baton Rouge Doors Are Made at Acadian

Doors Baton Rouge

We make and furnish three different types of door: entry doors, patio doors, and storm doors. Every type of door has multiple style and framework options. Acadian brings your home to life with innovative designs and high-grade materials for your entry door. 

Our doors are composed of:


  • Fiberglass

    • This can be painted or stained like wood, these doors are tough against damage without the maintenance.
  • Steel 

    • Strong against the elements and easy to clean, steel doors will not warp over time like other materials.
  • Wood

    • Energy efficient and easily repaired, wood doors give a distinct character to any style of home.

If you would like to add a stain to your entry door, nobody does it better than Acadian. While painted wood can chip over time, stains come in solid, semi, or clear colors that age as an easy-to-fix fade. Our stains are applied by hand from our experienced craftsmen. After we apply the stain, your door will be oven-cured to warrant the lifetime of your door’s finish. We only use the latest industry-grade electrostatic paint to apply a smooth coat to your door. Not only do our quality stains shield the wood from moisture and rot, but they enhance the look of your door by showing off the beauty of the natural wood underneath. Rather than masking off the grain beneath, stains allow you to customize their opacity, so you are in complete control over your door’s final look.  

Acadian strives to provide customers with doors that are built to last. The authentic wood look of our doors are made by using new-age nickel vapor deposition technology. The compounds we use are formulated to prevent the depreciation of your door, making it extremely low maintenance.


Selecting Your Baton Rouge Entry Doors

Entry Doors Baton Rouge

An entry door is usually the first thing that you and neighbors notice about your house. It will exude an impression about you, so it’s essential to make it exactly what you want. 

Your home can acquire a custom-made entry door from Acadian that promotes optimum security, design, and ventilation. 

Our entry doors are available in fiberglass and steel. Many Acadian customers fuse decorative glass and stains to create a more personalized entry door. We have highly-skilled technicians that make breathtaking glass arrangements by taking meticulous care of every glass piece. 

Craftsmen at Acadian work diligently to form steady patterns and bubbles on every glass arrangement for light to illuminate into your home. They add different colors and designs to provide a personalized figure for your entry door. You could choose a simple glass plain for a sleek, modern look, or explore our intricate decorative styles of carved or colored glass if you are craving a pop of artistic flair in that space. 

Acadian has two available systems that can sustain your entry door’s character. We have a rot-resistant composite frame and exterior brickmold work together to completely block out any moisture damage. Second, our exterior PVC vinyl coated aluminum frame finish which works against moisture, high temperatures, and extreme weather conditions that find their way to Baton Rouge. 

Durable hardware is available by Schlage® and Emtek®, so the maintenance of your entry door is minimal.

Choosing Patio Doors Baton Rouge Residents Trust

Patio Doors Baton Rouge

Baton Rouge customers admire our patio doors for their muted and smooth capabilities. Acadian’s patio doors are easy to maneuver, reputable, and safe, as every patio door should be. Patio doors are a great choice for those wanting to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors, but enjoy  air conditioning. They’re perfect for taking advantage of natural light, and can save you electricity by illuminating your home during the daylight hours. Patio doors help you make the most of your space, so we make sure we build them to suit your needs. 

Our custom-made multi-chamber system enables your patio doors to remain stable during severe weather while maintaining energy-efficiency. 

Maintenance is the only thing that holds most people back from exploring patio doors, but worry not! All of our patio doors are patented with a self-lubricating sliding system that incorporates tandem wheels to operate gently and simply. Just dust the track of debris every few weeks, and this simple system will run smoothly. 

Our patio doors feature:

  • Solid frame
  • Self-cleaning tracks
  • Anodized aluminum track built into ridge
  • Adjustable spring-loaded suspension system
  • Steel reinforced panels

Acadian has patio doors available in 2-panel, 3-panel, and 4-panel configurations.

Baton Rouge Storm Doors that Are Built to Last

Storm Doors Baton Rouge

In the Gulf Coast, the weather can be unpredictable. High rain and wind speeds can do serious damage to a home’s exterior if one isn’t prepared, putting you and your family in harm’s way. Acadian’s storm doors are designed to always ensure your protection from Louisiana’s potentially harsh weather. Our storm doors add more than just protection to your home. They also provide more light and improve your home’s quality of air. The extra layer of protection also prevents fading caused by the sun’s rays, and it can keep bugs from crawling in from outside. Storm doors are also great for noise reduction, as the multiple layers of glass slow down sound vibrations, a great feature if you live in a high traffic area. In addition, storm doors with extra locks or reinforced screens are a great security measure for extra burglary and theft protection.

At Acadian, we use extruded aluminum frames for our storm doors because they can withstand stronger forces without bending easily. The material is light, and thus low-cost to you, but with enough durability to withstand the strongest storms.

Our storm doors are equipped with tempered glass—meaning the glass has been treated with heat and chemicals to make it stronger—offering customers further protection because it’s more durable than standard glass. Tempered glass is also harder to break, and if it does, the breakage comes out in manageable small chunks, so children and pets are safe from potential harm. 

Acadian’s collection of storm door systems allows customers to choose a style and color that best suits their home. Once you’ve made your choice, your storm door will be baked in the oven to maintain its fresh look.

The Best Doors Baton Rouge Has to Offer

Ready to add the doors Baton Rouge residents can’t get enough of to your home? Acadian Windows and Siding is proud to serve you. 

From our customer service team to our qualified craftsmen, Acadian expertly guides you through the process of enhancing your home’s appearance. 

Doors are the world’s gateway into your home. It’s a special place that you use every day, so it’s essential to use that space to serve you in the ways you find important. We are ready to work together to execute your vision. 

To learn more information about your Baton Rouge door company, contact us today!