What Are The Benefits of Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows?

What Are Vinyl Windows?

Vinyl windows from Acadian Windows have numerous benefits for New Orleans and Louisiana homeowners. Vinyl windows are cost-effective, low maintenance, energy-efficient, durable, and customizable.

Continue reading to learn more about what vinyl windows are and why you need them in your home. 

The Benefits of Vinyl Windows 

What are the benefits of vinyl windows over different window styles? Vinyl windows are cost-effective, low maintenance, energy-efficient, durable, and customizable. 

Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows Are Cost-Effective

PVC is a cost-effective material because it’s frequently used in so many products. This includes healthcare equipment, plumbing pipes, car parts, and vinyl windows from Acadian Windows of New Orleans! Vinyl windows are more affordable than other window types, such as wood, aluminum and fiberglass because of the way they are manufactured. Other window choices, like aluminum, are expensive, but they also have their benefits depending on the style of your home. Acadian Windows also offers financing options so that you can upgrade your windows now and pay for them over time. Fill out this form, to talk to us about your options today.

Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows Are Low-Maintenance

After you get your vinyl windows installed you won’t have to worry about anything else. Vinyl windows from Acadian Windows are incredibly low maintenance. All you have to do is clean them. If you get vinyl windows in a certain color, you won’t have to worry about that color fading, and repainting them. With wood windows, you have to continue to repaint, or restain them as they get older.

Since the material used to make vinyl windows is easily available, it’s very easy to replace them if something were to happen. Wood windows are slightly more difficult to replace but are a great addition to your home if you love a warm, cabin-like aesthetic. Vinyl windows from Acadian Windows of New Orleans, are simply easier to install than wood windows because they are lighter and require much less maintenance. 

Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows Are Energy-Efficient

Vinyl windows are constructed to be more energy-efficient for your home. Instead of screws and bolts keeping the sides together, the corners are heat welded. This means that air is less likely to escape through an old or loose screw hole. The inside of vinyl windows have honeycomb chambers, giving them the ability to trap air and keep your home insulated. Along with these benefits, you can also get Low-E coating on your windows to make them even more energy-efficient. Low-E coating blocks harsh UV rays and keeps your home cool in the summer and warm in the winter. 

Wood and aluminum windows have their own respective energy benefits but if you’re looking to bring down your utility bills, vinyl windows are your best option. 

Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows Are Durable

Wood windows, while aesthetically pleasing, have some durability issues. This is not a problem with vinyl windows because they’re made to last. They won’t rot, warp, or be eaten by insects, making them a great alternative to wood windows, if durability is a concern for you. These windows are able to withstand all the different weather conditions and keep your home protected as well. Most homeowners say that they replace their vinyl windows every 10 or 20 years. 

Vinyl Windows From Acadian Windows Are Customizable

The material that vinyl windows are made out of allows them to be customizable. Previously, you could only get vinyl windows in white, but new technology has allowed manufacturers to be able to add color. In addition to that, you can get them in a variety of styles, such as single hung, double-hung, slider, and more. You can even get these windows in different stains and finishes. If you want the look of a wood window or aluminum window without the maintenance, vinyl windows are the best option for you.

The Best Vinyl Windows New Orleans Has To Offer & Beyond!

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