What Does it Cost to Repair Vinyl Siding?

If your home is looking a bit worse for wear, you may be asking yourself, “What is the cost to repair vinyl siding?” You may be wondering how long siding is supposed to last. How long should it keep its color? Is it still under its original warranty? The truth is, siding is one of those repairs that many people overlook for years. The sturdy nature of vinyl siding makes it an effective low-maintenance option, but it can damage like most construction materials. To learn the cost to repair vinyl siding, keep on reading. 

Vinyl Siding-What is It?

Vinyl siding is one of the most popular exteriors on the construction market today. It’s widely used all over the world, as vinyl’s plastic panels can withstand a variety of weather conditions. Due to its durability and low cost, it’s one of the most affordable materials to protect your home from the elements. 

It is also one of the best materials to add value to your home, and in turn, see an increased return on your investment if you decide to sell. It has been known to increase resale value with a return anywhere between 68-78%. Since it is considered long-lasting, it can take some research to know if it is time to simply repair your siding, or replace it altogether. The material stays strong up to 15-20 years, but if the vinyl siding was included in the purchase of your home, it can be difficult to tell its age. You may be due for a replacement and not even know it. 

When Should Siding be Repaired?

Sometimes vinyl wear can be obvious, and sometimes the results of aging siding are hidden beneath the surface. Your siding may need repair or replacement if it exhibits any of the following signs.

Dull Color Even After Washing

As vibrant as vinyl color is, it will begin to deteriorate after a certain amount of time. Exposure to the sun, rain, dirt and other environmental factors may not have much effect after 1 year, but after many, the damage becomes more noticeable. If the color is dull even after the use of soap and water, repainting is always an option. However, discoloration may be a sign of other damages, so be sure to inspect your home thoroughly.

Evidence of Rot

While most plastic vinyl cannot get dry rot, many vinyl sidings cover up wooden exteriors which are vulnerable to water damage, mold, or rot. The rot can then spread to the vinyl, and the connection between the two materials becomes brittle, allowing vinyl to be easily pulled from walls. For signs of rot, look for discolored, crumbling, or misshapen panels near gutters or other water sources

Siding is Misshapen

Vinyl can shape in shape after long-term damage or exposure. Panels can become loose from poor weather or even crack under the right conditions. Since vinyl is plastic, and thus buckles and warps when heated, vinyl can change shape depending on its relationship to the sun and other factors. This warping or buckling siding can also be caused by the siding having been installed too tightly.

Holes in Siding

If there are holes in any part of your siding, this could mean you have an unwelcome guest living inside your walls. Bugs love to munch on the wood usually found beneath the vinyl, and rodents will chew through nearly anything to get food. If there is any small error in installation, a creature can exploit it to get inside the home. 

Moisture Inside the House

If moisture is seeping into your home, this is a major sign that your currency vinyl situation is not protecting the home as it should. If your interior is affected by peeling or bubbled paint, crumbling plaster or drywall, mold, watermarks or staining on walls or ceiling, or wet spots after it rains, your home is unprotected. These problems can progress and spread over time, so it is best to get your vinyl replaced as soon as possible so these interior issues do not become more costly.  

Paying More for Cooling and Heating

Damaged vinyl is unable to insulate your home to its best efficiency, so if your bills shoot up out of nowhere, this may be a sign that there may be a vulnerable spot in the home for air to escape to. Thoroughly inspect your home for any damages, and if your bills are still increasing after taking every possible measure to save, you may need a pro’s observant eye to inspect your siding. 

The Cost to Repair Vinyl Siding

The cost to repair your home’s siding will depend on a variety of factors, including the siding’s warranty, the availability of materials, and the labor involved with the repairs. It may also depend on where you live, and the availability of these materials and services. 

If your vinyl is still under warranty, there is a good chance you’ll be able to get a reduced price, if not, free replacement. If your siding is older and no longer under warranty, it is likely going to be more worth it to replace the siding in its entirety rather than just repairing one spot. 

On average, the cost to repair vinyl siding comes out to around $500. Most costly repairs may cost you up to $5000,  depending on the size of your home, the availability of materials, and labor costs set by the contractor. The price will also vary depending on if there is a need for custom siding, or if the repair will take place in a section of the house that is dangerous or not easily accessible.

Small problems are easier to fix than larger ones. The cost to repair vinyl siding holes and small leaks will likely be under $200, while mold removal, the most difficult and, thus, expensive repair, will make you shell out $700 on average. You will not know the exact price of your particular job until you consult a professional. Many construction companies are happy to do a free consultation and inspection of your home to determine the true cost of your home’s repair. 

Low Cost to Repair Vinyl Siding with Acadian Windows

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