How To Secure Patio Doors During a Storm

How To Secure Patio Doors During a Storm

Patio doors are a beautiful addition to add to your home, but during hurricane season, you may wonder how to secure patio doors during a storm. Anyone who lives in the Gulf Coast knows that hurricane season is a tumultuous time. You could potentially have to secure your windows and doors multiple times a month, or even multiple times a week. What’s worse is that hurricane season lasts for months. When it comes to securing your patio doors, you want reliable options that are going to keep your home safe for as long as possible. There are many different tools available to secure your doors but some of them are more effective than others. 

How To Secure Patio Doors

Patio doors can open up whatever space you put them in and bring in a lot of natural light to the room. French doors or glass sliding doors can give an unobstructed view of the backyard/patio area and be great for entertaining. Acadian Windows offers many different options when it comes to patio doors. You have your choice of 2, 3, or 4 paneled patio doors all of which come with a sturdy screen and a rigid frame. Our patio doors come with our patented self-lubricating system that makes coming in and out a breeze. 

Once you’ve chosen your beautiful new patio door, you’ll want to secure it whenever there’s a storm. Hurricanes and storms are frightening enough without having to worry about if your patio door is going to hold up against the wind and rain. You can secure your patio doors for a storm by using the following:

  • Emergency boarding
  • Hurricane film
  • Storm shutters
  • Impact-resistant glass

Using just one of these things could mean the difference between an intact patio door and a damaged patio door. Read on to learn how to secure patio doors with each of these items.

Emergency Boarding

If there is a storm coming and you aren’t prepared, emergency boarding is the best thing to use when trying to secure your patio doors. This is one of the easier options you can use to secure your patio doors and it will protect your patio doors from shattering. Unfortunately, when using boards to secure your patio doors, you block out a lot of natural light and it’s not a very attractive look for your home. Using emergency boards is also labor-intensive and storing the boards can be difficult. Nevertheless, if you’re in a bind, this a cheap, fast option that will keep your patio doors and your home safe during a storm. 

Hurricane Film

Hurricane film is a protective agent that you can purchase yourself and use to cover your patio doors. Hurricane film is easy to install and low cost. It’s very versatile and will only minimally affect the look of your patio doors. Hurricane film easily applies to the glass of your patio door and protects you from potential flying objects. Though hurricane film can protect your patio doors it does not protect the entire door frame and structural integrity. It’s important to note that this film will not prevent your glass from breaking. Hurricane film will catch glass shards and prevent a hole from being in your patio door. 

Storm Shutters

Storm shutters are often brought up as a popular choice when learning how to secure patio doors. Storm shutters are often chosen to present a typical Southern aesthetic to a home and come in various different styles. Getting a storm shutter installed over your patio doors and other windows is one of the most secure options you can choose for the safety of your home during a storm. The different kinds of shutters you can choose from are:

  • Rolling shutters
  • Fabric storm panels
  • Colonial shutters
  • Storm panels
  • Accordion shutters 

Rolling shutters are the most protective shutter and change the look of your patio door the least. These shutters work exactly as the name suggests and roll up and down easily to protect your home in case of a storm. Any type of shutter you choose will be more costly than window film; however, the price is worth the protection on your home. 

Impact-Resistant Glass

If you don’t want to spend a lot of money on shutters, impact-resistant glass is the best alternative. Impact-resistant glass is made when two or more panels of glass are glued together with a thin clear film. If the glass were to shatter, the clear plastic film between the panels catches the small shards of glass and keeps your home protected from the elements. The outer layer of the glass may be impacted severely but the inside of your home or business will still be protected. This glass is not only good for protection during a storm but also helps protect against burglars. This glass is specially designed to be more durable than standard glass. 

Acadian Windows offers Impact Windows, if you’re looking to protect your windows from storms these would be the best choice for you. These windows are the best for hurricane protection and they also have UV protection to keep your furniture, carpet, and drapes from fading in the sunlight. Protect your windows as well as your patio doors. 

Weather the Storm With Acadian Windows Patio Doors

Now that you know how to secure patio doors during a storm, it’s time to choose the best patio doors Acadian Windows has to offer. With Acadian Windows, you have nothing but choices when it comes to your patio doors. Along with the rigid frame and sturdy screen mentioned earlier, our patio doors come with self-cleaning tracks and an adjustable spring-loaded suspension system! Learn more about all the kinds of doors and the subsequent accessories we offer here

Once you’ve chosen the kind of patio door you want, contact us! Our specially trained team can’t wait to talk to you and set up a plan to help you install your new patio door. Start letting the light in with your beautiful new patio doors today!