Where To Buy a Decorative Glass Front Door in Baton Rouge

Decorative Glass Front Door in Baton Rouge

Your front door is the first impression your guests have of your abode, and it draws attention whether we like it or not. When considering the style of your front door, a plain wood door and stain are fine, but a decorative glass front door could be the answer for those wanting to add a bit of extra flair to their home. Many homes in Louisiana sport these elaborate facades, so whether you’re just starting your search or have been looking for your dream door for a while, here is everything you need to know about buying a decorative glass front door in Baton Rouge and where to find them. 

What Are Decorative Glass Front Doors?

Glass front doors have been an architectural staple for centuries, and remain one of the most widely used architectural features today. They grew to popularity during the Georgian period, where new techniques allowed iron and glass to be used in construction more frequently. Specially cut glass shapes were usually framed above doorways, but soon glass would be incorporated into door panels themselves. This time period saw home exteriors becoming elaborate and intricate for the first time, and sleek glass was a key part of emphasizing the luxury of the home. Now glass doors are used in storefronts, offices, and residences all over the world thanks to their ability to accommodate most entryway needs. 

What Are the Benefits of a Decorative Glass Door?

Natural Light

The biggest benefits of glass front doors is access to natural light. Entryways have the potential to be darker areas of the house, so adding a glass addition to your existing door could shine a new light (literally) to a once drab section of your home. Depending on your style, this light can bring a whimsical beauty to the home, as many people enjoy the way sunlight reflects off carved glass in little rainbows or bounces beautiful sunbeams into your living room. Natural light also draws the benefit of using less electricity to light your home, saving you money each month. 


Glass windows in doors can accommodate numerous decorative styles. From modern and chic to colorful and kitschy, these doors can come in any shape, size, and color you can dream up. Choose from quality carved glass for a classic look or a stained glass to bring a hint of color to any exterior. 

Eye-catching textured glass can provide stylish variations within your door’s design. Specialized techniques can create glass that looks frosted, scalloped, glazed, and a number of other beautiful textural effects. This also increases the beauty of natural light, as these shapes bend the light rays in unique patterns directly into your home. 

No matter your architectural preferences: modern, farmhouse, traditional, or craftsman style, there is a glass door that will seamlessly integrate into your home’s front facade.

Easy To Clean

When was the last time you wiped down your door? If you’re unsure, you’re not alone. Washing down the front door is not an everyday task, but glass exterior takes the guesswork out of knowing when its time to sanitize. Luckily, there is little elbow grease required: Just wipe the glass down with some cleaning spray and you’re done. No complex cleaning solution needed!

Increase Home Value

Let’s be real, as much as you love your home, it is likely you won’t live there forever.  Why invest in a glass door? Homes increase in value with positive curb appeal, which glass doors intrinsically give a home. Most realtors advise sellers to update their entryways before putting their home on the market, since your front door is also the first impression potential buyers will have of your place. Some experts say that this renovation alone can increase the return on your home investment by over 450%Updating now means that not only do you get to enjoy a work of art in your home, but you’ll see a return on this investment when you sell. 

Decorative Glass Front Door Concerns 


You’ll be able to protect your home from wandering eyes without sacrificing beauty. The textured glass mentioned above provides enough cover to suit most people’s privacy needs. You can customize a patterned glass to obscure the interior of your home from the outside, or choose a form of frosted glass for your panels. Frosted glass is created by sandblasting or acid etching a sheet of clear glass, allowing the light to pass through, but blurring any image on the other side. 


While large glass panels within a door may reduce its energy-efficiency compared to a wooden one, there are ways the difference can be made up. A door’s frame can be made of wood or fiberglass, both of which are great insulators because they stop heat and cold from seeping into your home. Windows can also be fitted with solar film or other coatings for the same results and to prevent furniture from fading. 

Safety & Wear

Glass doors are as safe as any other. Most glass doors are tempered, meaning the glass is treated with chemicals and heat to increase its strength, making it harder to break than normal glass. If it does get impacted enough to break, it shatters into small chunks rather than shards that could harm children or pets. 

You also will not have to worry about wear and tear from the elements! For those in coastal regions, impact glass has become a popular option for those wanting to storm-proof their homes, but not sacrifice style. With a sturdy and well crafted base, most doors will remain looking flawless for years to come. 

Where You Can Find Your Decorative Glass Front Door in Baton Rouge

Are you ready to invest in your home environment and live in the Baton Rouge area? Acadian Windows offers beautiful decorative glass front doors meticulously designed and cut by craftsmen with years of experience. Exclusive to Acadian Windows, our custom INSPIRATIONS™ Art Glass doors offer to embellish your door with colorful accents in unique designs that will impress your friends and family whenever they come to visit. Love the current design of your door? Acadian can work with you to use your existing door to add a little something extra. To speak to a specialist about what types of doors are right for you and your home, call Acadian Windows.