How To Reinforce An Entry Door to Prevent Break-Ins

How To Reinforce An Entry Door to Prevent Break-Ins

If you’ve ever been concerned about your safety and wondered how to reinforce an entry door to prevent a break-in you’ve come to the right place. Being safe in your home should be guaranteed but sometimes you need extra protection to make sure you’re covered. Reinforcing your front door is a nice alternative to getting a home security system if you can’t afford it. 

There are several ways to protect yourself and your home by reinforcing your entry door. Keep reading to learn 5 great tools on how to reinforce an entry door. 

How To Reinforce An Entry Door: 5 Great Tools

A home invasion or a break-in can be very traumatizing and is something no one should ever have to go through. Unfortunately, some people feel the need to break in and take things that aren’t theirs and threaten the lives of others. Thankfully, there are many new tools and technologies that can help prevent these people from being successful and keep you safe and sound in your place of residence. 

These 5 tools will help you learn how to reinforce an entry door and protect yourself from criminals determined to disturb your peace.

Smart Lock

Always forget to lock your door? Lose your keys constantly? A smart lock may be the best investment for your home. Smart locks are homeowners’ new favorite tool to keep their homes safe. Smart locks aren’t your standard lock. Many of them are keyless and allow you to sync your lock to your phone. In addition to that, you can create a pin code that you use to enter your home. A smart lock will elevate the safety of your home and reinforce your front door because there’s no keyway to attempt to pick. Acadian Windows offers Schlage® which offers a wide range of smart locks and electronic locks for your entry door.

Smart locks and electronic locks are the way of the future. Soon regular keyhole locks will be a thing of the past. Technology is becoming more prevalent everywhere and a smart lock is an easy and relatively inexpensive way to increase your home’s safety and help you sleep soundly at night. 

Door Barricade

A door barricade is a great answer to the question “how to reinforce an entry door”. Door barricades don’t rely on a sturdy door but rather a sturdy floor. A door barricade can be easily installed on any type of door. They also don’t require much installation; you can use them directly out of the packaging and the height is adjustable. Door barricades protect against kick-in attempts and there are many different brands on the market. Because there are so many different brands you can find one that works well for your door for a relatively inexpensive price. 

With door barricades, there are typically two pieces, one on the door and one on the floor. The piece on the door slides back and forth to allow you to open the door when needed. When you’re ready to have your door secured simply slide the piece on your door to the side to secure it. Door barricades are a simple tool you can invest in to ensure the safety of your home and all its inhabitants.

Door Jammer

Door jammers are similar to door barricades. While door barricades are installed on the floor, door jammers are installed under a doorknob. Typically door jammers have a U-shape at the top and a long pole at the bottom. They are also easy to use and don’t require any kind of modification to your home making them very renter-friendly. Door jammers are not a new invention but now many of them have alarm systems installed on them. 

To use a door jammer all you have to do is slide the U-shaped top underneath your doorknob or handle when you’re ready to secure your home and adjust the height to make sure that the door jammer does not move and that’s it. It’s a very simple process and tool but it’s effective and will give you an extra sense of security especially if you live alone. Similar to door barricades, there are many different types of door jammers on the market so you can find one that fits your budget. 

One-Sided Deadbolt

A one-sided deadbolt only appears on the inside of your home and is sometimes called a “blind deadbolt”. Like the door jammer and door barricade, this is a stealthy way to secure your home. Since one-sided deadbolts are only visible from the inside of your home, a potential invader won’t know it’s there. These deadbolts are also great because there is no keyhole for someone to try and pick like typical two-sided deadbolts. 

Unfortunately, there is an installation process for this kind of lock so it may not be renter-friendly. However, if you can get it installed, in an apartment or home, a single-cylinder deadbolt is a great defense against potential home invaders. 

Security Film 

Security film is a tool that works well for glass doors. Although glass doors are lovely and aesthetically pleasing. They can pose a safety risk for your home. Applying safety film to your glass door will decrease the chances that someone will be able to fully shatter your door. Though your glass will still break, the thief won’t be able to easily make it into your home. The security film increases the chances that you’ll hear the shattering of glass, giving you a chance to call emergency services.

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