Pergolas Slidell, Louisiana

If you live in Slidell, then you’re likely to have visited the pristine beauty that makes this city unique. However, if you’re more likely to sit at home and enjoy the wonders of nature, Acadian offers wonderful outdoor living arrangements for the Gulf South area. Pergolas are one of the most sought after options in our inventory. They can turn your backyard into the ideal place to sit and enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. Acadian has pergolas Slidell homeowners will love from the moment they’re installed.

Best Pergolas in Slidell

Pergolas Slidell

There is a pergola to fit whatever shape or size space you need to fit. Pergolas are unique in that they can be a standalone structure or an extension of your home. They have the ability to completely transform any space they occupy.

There are two options to choose from when you decide to move forward with a pergola from Acadian. We offer high-tech and classic operable pergolas. 

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Slidell, Louisiana

At Acadian, there is no reason to choose between style and functionality. If you would prefer an operable pergola, they come with a special feature in the roof. The slats open and close using a slow-motion motor, allowing you to control the amount of light hitting you at once. Operable pergolas allow you to continue enjoying the great outdoors without having sunlight constantly beating down on you.

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Slidell

If you’d prefer to keep the rafters closed completely, your pergola can easily and quickly be converted into a solid patio roof. 

The inspiration behind the columns is Italian design. Our pergolas are elegant and can transform the atmosphere of your yard in an instant. This doesn’t mean that your pergola won’t stand up to the elements, though. 

The material used to craft our pergolas is heavy-duty. Strong wind and rain are no match for the durable aluminum in our pergolas.

Picking Slidell Pergolas 

If you want to change the look and feel of your yard, a pergola can offer you the option of doing so. They also allow quite a bit of customization on your part. Regardless of what you choose to pair your pergola with, whether it be lawn furniture, plants or bug screens, they will be a great match.

If you’re considering upgrading your home with a pergola from Acadian, contact us today!