Pergolas Covington, Louisiana

Covington boasts some of the most beautiful homes and natural beauty on the Northshore. When you’re creating an outdoor living space, especially in a town like Covington, it’s important to make additions that complement the environment they occupy. Otherwise, your new piece will look out of place. Acadian’s Pergolas Covington residents can trust do just that—they have a minimal footprint but a large impact. So, if you live in Covington and you’re looking to improve your yard with a new living space, pergolas are your solution.

Best Pergolas in Covington

Pergolas Covington

If you’re not sure where to start when looking for a new pergola, we can help you choose. Acadian’s pergolas can be configured to fit any space, no matter how large or small. You’re spoiled for choice at Acadian because we have pergolas for any application, whether you want them to stand alone in the middle of the space or as a continuation of your roof

In addition to their versatile configuration, Acadian offers two functionalities: classic and operable.

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Covington, Louisiana

Operable pergolas allow you to operate the rafters of the pergola with an electric motor. On those days where the sun is high in the sky and there are no clouds to offer any shade, you can manually adjust the amount of shade your operable pergola provides you. You could even close them completely and have a solid roof over your head!

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in CovingtonAs useful as operable pergolas are, classic pergolas have a timeless charm that will never fade, and neither will their structural integrity.

Our pergolas are super durable because they’re crafted with the industry’s most solid aluminum alloy. They stand up to wear and tear, last much longer and continue providing you and your loved ones with a fantastic area to gather outdoors.

A pergola can be as functional and durable as you’d like, but they’re of little value when they don’t look great too. That’s why our design is inspired by classic Italian architecture, which means they fit any design scheme.

Picking Pergolas in Covington 

As you can see, pergolas are an amazing choice if you want to bring new life to your outdoor space. Acadian provides Covington with high quality pergolas and unparalleled customer service. With that in mind, Acadian Windows and Siding is Covington’s all-in-one outdoor living resource!

If you’re looking to add a pergola to your home in Covington, Louisiana, contact Acadian Windows and Siding today!