Kenner Patio Company

There are so many ways to get enjoyment from your patio in Kenner and Acadian Windows and Siding has a way to configure each and every one of your outdoor elements. Years of experience allows us to set up your dream patio and we have the correct materials to bring your vision to life. Acadian’s mission is to help you to get everything you want from your patio and make your renovations as easy as possible. Acadian Windows is your Kenner patio company.

Sunrooms and Screen Rooms in Kenner

Sunrooms Kenner

A simple way to add space to your home is a sunroom or a screen room. You can enjoy the wonders of nature without the aggravations that come with being outdoors, meaning no heat, no bugs and no humidity.

The windows and walls that come with our sunrooms come with high-tech elements that help to better insulate your home while letting in the perfect amount of sunlight.

Pergolas in Kenner

Operable Pergolas and Classic Pergolas in Kenner

If you want to create a more versatile outdoor space in an instant, a pergola can give a brand new outdoor experience. If you would like your pergola to act as its own separate space for relaxing, act as an add-on to your roof, or be a centerpiece for some other part of your yard, Acadian can build it out to your exact specifications. 

We offer classic pergolas made from wood. However, Acadian also offers operable pergolas, which allow you to open and close the rafters. Your pergola can instantly turn into a patio cover that completely blocks the sunlight from hitting you.

Patio Covers in Kenner

Patio Covers in Kenner

We have the best patio covers to offer to the Kenner area.

The patio covers that we offer are capable of fitting any home. They’re able to resist rust and infestation. The high-quality materials used to create our covers don’t crack, rot or warp. This state of the art material means that a new addition won’t require extra maintenance on your part.

Kenner Patio Company

We are the Kenner patio company for you because we are all about using your patio and outdoor living space to its full potential. No matter which of our products you choose from, it’s guaranteed to stand up to bad weather. On top of that our installation techs are expertly trained to make sure your installation is done right.

If you want to make the most of your outdoor space, Contact us today to get started!