Frequently Asked Questions

Purchasing new windows is not something that most people do often, so there are sure to be questions about how the process works.

1. How do I get a price for windows?

The easiest way is for us to come out, view your existing windows, discuss what you would like to have, and give you a free written estimate. This estimate is good for at least six months, so there is no pressure to buy windows today.

If you are not comfortable with having us come out, and this is something we totally understand, we can answer most all of your questions by phone, fax or email. We might still need to drive-by at some point to view the exterior of your home, but to provide you with a price range, we only need to know what you want.

2. How long does it take to get new windows?

After you have decided on which type of window, color, glass components (Low-E, etc.), we measure and order your windows. From the time the order is placed until the installation is completed is typically TWO-THREE WEEKS, possibly sooner.

Special colors and architectural shapes can take a bit longer, but even these take two-three weeks to get back to our shop.

3. How long does it take to install my new windows?

Most installation projects can be completed in one day. Please consider that we will need to have access inside your home to install your new windows, so schedule your install on a day that works best for your schedule. This can be ANY day of the week, as we schedule installations for every day of the week.

4. What if I have a service or warranty need after the windows are installed?

Service issues do arise, and we are here to help you at any time. All parts and labor costs are covered by your warranty, so all we need to know is what problems you are having, and which window is at issue. We track all of the windows installed, and all have a unique seriel number, so we can reorder any needed parts with the information we have on-file.

If we need to come by to adjust or correct a window, we can do this most any time. Our in-house service team is ready to take your call, or will respond to your email – just contact us with any problems (window-related, only please) you might be having.

5. Can I just talk to a sales representative or someone that can answer basic questions about windows?

Absolutely yes. Many prospective customers call to ask questions, so please call us at any time to talk about your future plans, or just to get answers to your questions. No hassles, and zero pressure to do anything more – we will help you in any way that we can.

When you are ready, call us back and we will come talk to you in person.